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The Best Of Tokyo Game Show 2019

Tokyo Game Show is Japan’s biggest game developer event. Even though we’ve seen most of the big-name games at this year’s E3 and gamescom, remember that Tokyo Game Show is at the heart of most of the OG game developers. So expect some exciting things being showcased for the first time there. From the long-anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake, the upcoming DLC from Kingdom Hearts 3, as well as Fairy Tale and Nioh 2. Most importantly we get an in-depth look at Hideo Kojima-san’s Death Stranding. Let’s begin.


Death Stranding by Kojima Productions

Tokyo Game Show kicked it off with 49 minutes of gameplay from the highly anticipated game Death Stranding. If you don’t know what this game is about, well we don’t really know either. Just that it features Norman Reedus in a post-apocalyptic world and there are babies in bottles. This clip is seven minutes out of the entire gameplay session. It features Amelie (Lindsay Wagner) trying to restore mankind from recent devastation. As usual, Kojima-san is being vague and mysterious about the game but we’ll know more when Death Stranding launches on the PS4 on November 8th 2019.


Final Fantasy VII Remake by Square Enix

At E3 2019 it was revealed that the Final Fantasy VII Remake will come in two parts. With the first half taking place in Midgar only and I guess the rest of the huge-ass game in the other half? That’s a bit of a weird split. However, Square Enix has placated their fans with some familiar footage that really highlights the best of your days in Midgar. I’m talking about the seduction of Don Corneo (played by Mark Hamill), as well as the train sequence, monster summons and more. The FFVII Remake will launch on the PS4 on March 3rd 2020.


Nioh 2 by Team Ninja, Koei Tecmo

Team Ninja‘s follow-up to their samurai action game Nioh will take place as a prequel to the original, set in the late 1500s. Nioh 2 appears to continue the tight-paced, difficult action that the first game was praised for. This time around, however, you can transform from a samurai into a Yokai – a monstrous, wrathful creature of immense power. Nioh 2 launches early 2020 on PS4, with a beta scheduled for November 1st 2019.


Project Resistance by Capcom

Before you roll your eyes at another Resident Evil spin-off, urgh Umbrella Corps give this a gander. Project Resistance is a team-based survival horror, where four players, each with unique abilities, must work together to survive and escape the clutches of the Mastermind. Who for whatever reason is out to kill them with traps, zombies and some sort of thing monster. Project Resistance will be released on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One at some currently unspecified future point.


Yakuza 7: Like A Dragon by SEGA

Ryu ga Gotoku 7, the official translation – Like a Dragon 7. Here we have a new series protagonist, the wild-haired Ichiban Kasuga. Kasuga has spent 18 years in prison after taking the fall for a yakuza boss and being betrayed by his former family upon release. He leaves with one aim in mind, to find a job. Much like the job or class skills you can get your choices will give your character different abilities, as well as a different attire. The “host” class, for example, gives you gaudy attire and attacks involving flowers and champagne. The “dancer” class, meanwhile, lets you deal damage with breakdancing footwork while dressed like John Cena. Yakuza 7 is out sometime in January 2020 for Japan and a later date for the rest of us.