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Cat Quest 2 Introduces A Second Tail

Cat Quest 2 is the second chapter to the award-winning Cat Quest game by The Gentlebros. This Singaporean-based team released their cat adventure-RPG Cat Quest back in 2017. It was cute, adorable and just chock to the brim full of cat puns. Now two years later the kitties are back and this time they’ve joined furces with some woofers. Double the adorableness and of course double the animal-related puns.

In the world of Cat Quest 2 (and perhaps all worlds), cats and dogs are divided. The realm of cats is known as Felingard, which we got to visit in the original Cat Quest. While the realm of dogs is known as The Lupus Empire. Your kitty and puppy hero is seeking to bring peace to the empire. They’re very good boys.


What’s the Gameplay?

Cat Quest 2 looks fairly similar to its predecessor, in a good way. Still rocking its use of classic adventure-RPG mechanics. Cat Quest 2 also features a free-roaming top-down overland map in that signature Gentlebros art style. Numerous enemies dot the countryside and there are a number of dungeons and treasures scattered throughout the kingdom.

The battle mechanics are fairly simple. You only have one button for attacking and the others are for spells, up to four can be equipped at a time. In contrast to the game’s cutesy art style and manner, the battles can be downright vicious. Most enemy skills rely on an AoE attack denoted by an expanding red circle. When you combine these with other factors such as dodging, spellcasting, and mini-towers that lob deadly orbs, it becomes less of a standard adventure-RPG romp and more of a “lite bullet hell” type of game.

The biggest and best change to come to Cat Quest 2? Mewtiplayer. There’s an optional 2-player local co-op mode and it’s so much fun. You can switch this mode around anytime between gameplay and your buddy will then become AI-controlled.


It’s Out On Steam Today!

Cat Quest II, The Gentlebros, Indie Game, Singapore

Cat Quest II is a very playable and accessible action-RPG. Is it the deepest RPG you’re ever going to play? No. But it’s cute and you’ll have fun with a friend or a partner. Also just a ton of dogs and cats, so who can be upset about that?