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Towertale Is A Fresh Twist On Classic Action

Towertale, developed by Filipino indie studio MiSou Games is a light action arcade type that feels familiar and fresh at the same time. We begin our tale with the four classic hero classes from any fantasy RPG. The warrior, the archer, the mage and the assassin. In this world resides a Tower, created by an ancient being that will grant the ability to change one’s fate should they reach the top. But it’s not as simple as that because the Tower is defended by a slew of guardians that for the last hundred years have kept it defended. Until now.


Our Hero Lineup

For a light RPG game, you’ve got to give it to the team for developing the characters and storylines. In this story you’ll need to play as each of our four characters, noting that with every decision you make you’ll be affecting the end storyline. Play Towertale again to see them all!

Introducing the first hero on our list, Lionel Blueheart the classic warrior and prince of the Lionhead Kingdom. Next up is Faindrel Ashelm a slave girl turned archer from a forgotten civilization. She spent most of her life in chains until she was one day rescued by a vigilante. Now Faindrel wants to find the power that will rid the world of evil.

Lord Snicklefritz is a mage from the extremely adorable rabbit-folk. He’s mastered all forms of magic and has been sent to the Tower to investigate what’s happening around the area. Then last but not least is Dark Echo. The most annoying assassin who claims to be the ‘son of darkness’. Okay, buddy.



So this game isn’t an RPG but it does have some pretty solid story elements interlaced within its action gameplay. You’ll need to play as all four characters to unlock all the different story options. Each decision you make will affect the outcome not to mention battling up to 17 boss characters in 12 handcrafted levels. Each of the bosses has a different type of moveset and some even have multiple phases. All in all a very satisfying action game. I’d recommend playing with a controller.

Each of the characters plays differently from each other as you can imagine. Lionel’s the classic knight archetype, with a shield that blocks projectiles and a sword with decent damage and a wide range. Faindrel’s the elven archer with ranged arrows. Lord Snicklefritz is the mage with a whole ton of spells as well as a blink ability so you don’t die from his low defence. Finally, Dark Echo’s the edgy ninja assassin with two swords, lots of mobility, and no invincibility frames whatsoever. The variety in their skillsets is enough that these four characters approach the same bosses in very different ways, keeping the story mode fresh even after seeing them for the third or fourth time.


Towertale is out now on Steam and while it may seem like a light game don’t worry the price is pretty light too and well worth it. Needless to say the 2D graphics and animation are top-notch and it’s really where Towertale shines. The music as well took me by surprise. All in all if you like this genre you’ll like this game. Towetale is currently USD$7.19 or RM19.50 with a 10% discount this opening week.