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Control – What To Know Before Playing

Control by Remedy Entertainment is out and it’s one our top games coming out this month. It’s been a day and already this game looks to be a contender for one of the best games of the year. But we’re not here to talk about that. Welcome to the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC), a secret U.S. government agency tasked with containing and studying phenomena which violate the laws of reality. You’ll be playing as Jesse Faden, the Bureau’s new Director. Prior to Control’s launch Remedy has been pretty mysterious about the whole game and rightly so. This game is a downright mystery. So before you enter the Oldest House let’s get you prepared with your best weapon, knowledge.


Control puts the A in Abilities

In Control you can’t level up to unlock more ability points, you can only get them from quests. And boy are they limited. They’re the only way to boost your actual powers, instead of making new mods or improving your guns. You can tell if a quest is going to give you ability points by checking the “Missions” tab of your character menu. Main story quests come with a diamond icon that’s filled in. Side stories have a little downwards pointing arrow (a chevron) and are located in the same sub-section.

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After getting said ability points you’ll be able to unlock and upgrade multiple abilities. Keep in mind that you only have a limited number of points so make your decision wisely. We’d recommend focusing on your Shield and Launch. About two-thirds into the game Control gets notably more difficult. The enemy AI is pretty tactical and Jesse can be kinda squishy, so remember to shield up.

Launch, on the other hand, will feel familiar to those that have played Gravity Rush. (If you haven’t played Gravity Rush 2 I highly recommend it). You’ll be able to hurl chairs and fire extinguishers and fax machines at your enemies. The Launch ability is more effective (and potentially more powerful) than your Service Weapon in many situations even in the early game. Upgrade Launch to increase the damage and rip through your enemies. Pair that with some Personal Mods to help you overcome your shortcomings, and you’ll be set.


Can I Get A Medic Over Here?

Health is a precious commodity in Control, you don’t regenerate it, you can lose it pretty quickly and there are no recovery items you can use between battles. What’s the director of a shadowy, supernatural bureaucracy to do?

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Equip a health recovery mod. This is a must-have in your arsenal and it’ll save you from having to restart Dark Souls style. What the health recovery personal mod does is that it increases the amount of health you receive when picking up one of those blue HP crystals. The crystals are dropped every time you kill an enemy and trust us, you’re going to need that extra health boost.

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When battling you’re not going to be able to duck for cover so one of the best things to learn to do is dodge attacks. I’m pretty hopeless at this but it really negates that enemy fire. In fact, it’s often actually smarter to sprint close up to them and collect health that dead foes drop. Then dash away before they get a lock-on again.


Control Your Checkpoints

Control doesn’t really make this clear (not at first), but the game doesn’t have traditional checkpoints. Instead, it uses Dark Souls style bonfires in the form of “control points.” These act as fast travel nodes, allow you to upgrade your weapon, and, of course, respawn when you die. If you do expire, you won’t come back at the closest control point; you resurrect at the last one you touched! Save yourself some time and some headaches by checking in at every control point you come across.


Knowledge Is Power

Control has a ton of different resources floating around for you collect. The most basic being exp points and then there are the crafting materials, named pretty intense things like Unfulfilled Wishes. If only I could craft things with my unfulfilled wishes, I bet I could build a house. Well just like Resident Evil the Oldest House is littered with books and mystery. You’re going to want to read everything to know what’s going on. No spoilers here.

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Oh speaking of reading, this includes all the signage in the house as well. The Control in-game map is… challenging. It only gives you a vague outline of the world you walk around. It’s the in-game signs — like those you would see in any office building — that actually point you toward specific rooms, elevators, and points of interest.


Elevate Your Travels

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The Oldest House is a mess. It’s pretty hard navigating the place and most of the time you’re going to be burning through your precious life minutes running around. If you’re stuck or lost, consider finding an elevator, pressing the button, and looking for the name of your destination. When in doubt start at the Control Sector Elevator, which you can always access right by the Control Point in the Executive Sector.

Elevators are oddly underused in Control, considering how important they are during certain key moments. These function as much more limited fast travel spots and also serve as checkpoints. Not sure how to reach a specific part of a sector you’re in? There’s a good chance it’s actually tied to an elevator, and the game didn’t tell you. Not all elevators lead to the same locations, so check your map for their icons occasionally. Then try them out. Oh! Elevators will also checkpoint you when you die — just like a control point.


Ya’ll Got Anymore Of Them Sidequests?

As we mentioned before sidequests are pretty important to unlocking those rare ability points. But how do you get more of them? Here are some points that you could easily miss out on your first playthrough. Sometimes picking up a collectable will trigger a sidequest. Control is chock full of collectables: discarded pictures, redacted memos, and live-action videotapes. Most of these are story filler. But they’re very interesting story filler. Pick them up and or watch them whenever you get the chance. You may find that a certain collectable will trigger a sidequest. It doesn’t happen very often, but a couple of collectables in the environment will actually point you to new abilities and other upgrades.

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The second point, go back and check-in with your NPCs. Emily, Ahti, Underhill, and Arish all have bonus objectives for you to complete as you progress throughout the game. You can find them in Central Executive, the Maintenance Sector, and the Janitor’s Office. Although many of them will begin to congregate in Executive near the end of the game.

Control is available on the PlayStation and Xbox Store for USD $59.99. As well as for on the Epic Games Store for USD $28.99.

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