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Awesome TV Shows Coming Up To Nerd Out To From SDCC

It’s about that time of year when all us nerds can come together and fanboy (or girl) out. I’m talking Comic-Con. With every year that comes, we’re seeing more and more awesome shows coming up. Wach with a more interesting premise than the last. I have to say that the networks have really stepped it up a notch from the safe procedurally generated shows of before. I’m pretty sure I wasted my teenage life watching 5 different shows that revolved around the justice system and cops.

But with the gift of technology, we’re getting dragons, pirates, ancient Korean zombies, and so on, and it has been great. This year at the San Diego Comic-Con or SDCC for those in the know. We were given a treasure trove of trailers and first looks into TV shows that are new or have been renewed for another season. Now I’m here to help guide you with a list of shows that are definitely worth checking out. Be it the sequel of a successful show, and adaptation or even something fresh and juicy that’s just irresistible. Let’s kick start the list!




Now, if you’re like me and you’ve struggled to keep up with the slow pacing that this show moves with, despite its genuinely interesting premise. You should keep watching because you’ll be rewarded with Westworld‘s satisfying, mind-blowingly convoluted story. Because under all that dramatic cinema is a tale of humanoid artificially intelligent robots, set in the wild wild west. Elon Musk warned us already but as robots start gaining sentience the end of days is nigh. Despite that warning, we find ourselves (well, most of us) rooting for these robots to break away from their programming and earn their freedom from their masters.

Boy oh boy is Westworld a ride. And based on their new trailer previewed at SDCC it’s about to get a hell of a lot rockier. The setting has changed from the Wild West to World War 2 and Dolores is out in the real world. Season 3 of Westworld has a lot going on. What will she discover? More fuel for the uprising? Or another surprising twist? The anxiety of waiting is real as we’ll find out in 2020.



Admittedly, a lot of people have been sleeping on this movie, including myself. If I hadn’t happened to stumble on it accidentally via a stranger’s IMDB top movies to watch list. Let me just tell it to you straight, Snowpiercer was not a disappointment. It’s an interesting story about the desperate attempt of humanity to maintain order. Society is crammed into compartments of a long train, moving constantly to the now frozen world. The consequences of our constant meddling on the balance of mother nature.

As if the trains weren’t bad enough there is also the class system which puts different people with different wealth status into different…circumstances. Inspired by the original movie Snowpiercer which was based on the graphic novel, Le Transperceneige. Snowpiercer the TV series looks like another crack at that storyline. With more exploration of different characters and relationships on board the train. Get ready for the TV show to get very real very fast as the human condition gets tested and pushed to the very limit. Let’s just say a lot of lines will be crossed and the goriness of this show might not be for all.




Originally a graphic novel by the enigmatic Alan Moore, Watchmen got its mainstream recognition when it was turned into a movie in 2009. The feature film received mix reviews, some praising the visual aesthetics and the hard-hitting storylines. While others feeling that the movie missed its mark and did not do justice to the source material. Nevertheless, Watchmen is worth the watch and if you haven’t seen it I’d highly recommend a viewing.

Now, we’re getting a second look at the very interesting premise of Watchmen. It’s timed right after the events of the movie in an alternate timeline America. Following closely the adventures of vigilantes fighting for something: justice, fame and sometimes, survival. One thing is for certain, the story-heavy elements of Watchmen will not disappoint. Look out for it on HBO in October.


The Witcher

A successful game franchise based on a novel, The Witcher has garnered multitude game awards as well as commercial success, and a cult following in the gaming sphere. The Witcher’s game is only possible with its rich storyline and subsequent details that fill the world. There’s so much potential with the source material that Netflix decided to go and produce a live-action series about it.

So, what can we expect from this show? We’re going to get the new Supes (Henry Cavill) to play Geralt. In a Witcher show that’s much closer to the source material, instead of the games. Expect a shift in terms of tonality, as well as some changes to how some of the characters might look. All in all, it’s going to be interesting to see how a live-action show is going to portray The Witcher. Oh, and CGI-ed werewolves and nightmarish swamp crones? Yes, please!


Rick and Morty

Finally…a snippet of the new season for Rick and Morty was revealed during SDCC. The last time we got a full episode ahead of schedule is when someone egged Dan Harmon on Twitter. And like the wizard he is, granted us the boon we’ve been waiting. For the uninitiated, Rick and Morty is an animation show that mixes sci-fi and some really hardcore dark comedy. The show is built around Rick, a super-genius jaded old man with ambiguous motivations. And of course Morty, a high school kid with teen issues (let’s not get into it).

If you enjoy shows like Futurama or South Park, then give this show a try. Created by the geniuses; Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, the minds behind Adventure Time and Community. Rick and Morty feature interesting and trippy adventures. As well as frequent cliché busting scenes and the occasional deconstruction of the 4th wall. With references to what is up in the real world today thrown in for good measure. Nothing matters and everyone dies eventually. Come watch Rick and Morty.


His Dark Materials

“Hey, this looks like that compass movie with James Bond in it…and there was a polar bear”. Well, you’re right about that. Based on the same source material that made The Golden Compass, His Dark Materials will feature a different world and tone that is more faithful to the source. From the trailer, it feels like a whole Harry Potter vibe, but with perhaps a darker premise. We’ll get to see a wider scope of Lyra’s journey, as well as a reintroduction to the cast. Which I’m sure you probably caught in the trailer. HBO seems to be moving ambitious projects ahead right after Game of Thrones ended, and it’s great to see new projects coming to realization.


SDCC 2019 has been a delightful treat as we get sneak peeks to awesome shows. And with every year, we’re seeing more ambitious projects undertaken by studios and television networks to make their own mark. Let us know if we missed any. What are your favourite trailers?

This article was an original contribution by Ramesh at his site OffGamers. Check out his site for all your gaming needs!