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Astellia Is Offering Up A Chance To Win A Razer Blade Laptop!

Astellia, what is it? And how can I win that sweet Razer Blade 15 Laptop? It’s simple all you have to do is play this pretty solid MMORPG and you’re in the running to win the Razer Blade Laptop as well as a bunch of other cool gaming prizes. But let’s back it up fand explain first.

Astellia Online is a classic MMORPG developed by Barunson E&A. The game is set in a vibrant fantasy world that focuses on heroes known as Astellians. They have the ability to call upon magical allies known as Astells and together they protect the innocents of the world. Being a revamped classic MMORPG the usual classes are available such as Tank, Healer etc. but from there you’re able to tailor your skills and powers to customise your characters. Dungeons, a crucial aspect in any MMO are challenging for both solo and party players.

Gameplay-wise you’re looking at a fairly traditional tab-based targeting ability rotation combat system instead. Of the action-based combat of other recent games such as Black Desert Online or Tera. You target an enemy, press a hotkey to activate an ability and let your auto attack do the dirty work while you wait for your skills to recharge.


Play To Win

Astellia looks great visually and right now the game is about to enter its second round of closed beta testing, before its launch in September. To celebrate the Astellia Team has announced that everyone who joins this round of closed beta testing will have a chance to win some amazing prizes! The grand prize being, of course, the Razer Blade 15 Laptop but there’s also a Naga Trinity gaming mouse, a Blackwidow Elite Keyboard and a Razer Kraken Headset up for grabs!

The contest will run from the 30th of July 2019 to the 5th of August 2019. With the winner being announced on the 30th of August. Each of your Astellia accounts can earn you a maximum of three raffle tickets. You’ll get one for simply creating a character and logging in. Another when you reach Level 50 and one when you enter Avalon.

You can join this closed beta testing round for Astellia by buying a Pre-Order Pack for USD$59.99. Or redeeming a CBT-2 Key on the Astellia Online Twitter and Facebook page! No purchase necessary.