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What To Know Before Playing Rage 2

Hi there and welcome to the wasteland, here’s your survival guide – If you see a mutant shoot it. End of guide. That’s pretty much it but there are a few more mechanics that might warrant a bit more navigation. How to manage your upgrades, weapons and abilities. Or even choosing which missions to go first. Rage 2 is one of the best games coming out this May so without further ado let’s dive in.


Find All The Arks

There are thirteen Arks altogether, six of which house weapons and seven that have Nanotrite abilities. You’ll only encounter one Ark if you just play through the story, the rest are scattered across the wasteland. You’ll find them in various regions, hidden in valleys, forests and behind enemy hideouts. If you drive around a region long enough some Walker is eventually going to remark about an Ark nearby.

Why do you need Arks? Well having awesome weapons is always going to be a plus and you’ll be unlocking awesome abilities such as Vortex and Slam. Once you get them battles are gonna be a hell of a lot more fun, which is basically what Rage is about anyway.


Stat Improvements Are At Wellspring

During your lone wanderings, you’re going to end up finding some material that means absolutely nothing to you. Ark Tek Cores and Neuronic Interfaces, don’t seem to be good for anything. What. Is. This. Junk.??! Well, calm down and take them over to the Cyber Doc in Wellspring to be exchanged for some sweet permanent upgrades. Each material increases your stats by five percent and you can allocate it in any order. Our advice hit up damage first then health.


Shoot All The Crates

Crates are to Rage 2 what ceramic pots are to Legend of Zelda. Break em all. But in Rage 2 you’re going to want to shoot them. Not because as a rule of thumb you should just try shooting everything in the wasteland, but because trying to melee them is frustrating as hell. There’s some weird thing where you end up missing the crates with your melee and then you’re just going to be the jackass that’s trying to punch and miss a crate.


Chit Chat Paddy Whack

The wasteland be a lonely place for a Ranger so you’re going to want to chat to everyone you see. Not because you’re a sad loner that has no real human interaction, no of course not *cries*, but because you might find some open world events in conversation. Complete those events and get your rewards! Just remember Rage is kinda sneaky and doesn’t tell you to go collect your reward so make sure to head back. Game Lesson – Talk to everyone. Real Life Lesson – Avoid any sort of eye contact and human interaction ever.


Skill Trees Are Found In Projects

The first project you get when you first start Rage 2 is Lily Prowley’s Project, giving you your first skill tree. Every project is tied to an NPC and there are three others that you can unlock later on from Marshall, Loosum and Kvasir. After completing each of their first missions, their Project will open up in the menu. You can access Projects in the menu to spend Project Points on different upgrades. There are 64 skill tree upgrades in all that correspond with different stats.

After unlocking Marshall’s Project Dagger, which handle the combat related upgrades and the one that the game will point you to unlock first anyway. You should go ahead and unlock Kvasir’s Search and Recover Project. All his upgrades are nanotrite-focused and they’ll make your life a lot easier in the wasteland.


Upgrade All The Time

Rage 2 is undoubtedly a looter-shooter kinda game and as such you’re going to be getting a lot of stuff. Finding Feltrite, those blue pellets that heal you, are stored in your inventory and can be used to upgrade things. You’re going to be using Feltrite to level up your guns, each gun has five levels and upgrading increases its four key stats. In this case, just pick your favourite guns not all of them. May we suggest the Assult Rifle and Combat Shotgun.

Nanorite Boosters will help you unlock Perks. It can be really easy to overlook ability perks since they aren’t explained and are buried in a sub-menu. Nanotrite Boosters, which can be found and purchased, unlock these helpful perks that range from reduced cooldowns to significant damage increases. There are eleven Nanorite abilities with three to five levels. Like weapons, they require Feltrite to move to the next level. Since there’s a limited amount of that blue stuff just focus on the abilities you use most often.


Fix Your Ride

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Your initial car is a lot like the Batmobile circa Christopher Nolan era. It talks to you, it has machine-guns, and it’s nigh invincible. If your vehicle shields are depleted it won’t blow up, it’ll just become non-operational. To fix it again you’ll need to get out of the driver’s seat, go to the front (the engine, basically), and hold L1/LB to replenish its meter. Once that’s done you’re good to go back in. Just note that during a fight it’s tough to actually focus on repairs, so clear out enemies first. Or you know swap rides altogether.

Fun fact you can switch vehicles while on the road. Just go to the menu and switch. As a heads up, you do have to be on a paved road in our experience.


Don’t Stay On Mission

The Rage 2 campaign is pretty short and if you just follow the story missions you’re going to find yourself finishing quickly and feeling unsatisfied. Hello, Friday night. The beauty of Rage 2 is in its open-world feature, so after you’re done with the opening missions you should be just exploring the wasteland and searching for Arks. Doing all those side missions, getting all the guns and unlocking all the awesome abilities. You’ll have a much better time playing Rage 2 this way.


Rage 2 is out now on the PlayStation Store in Malaysia for RM 237 and Singapore for SGD 81.30. On the Xbox One Store for USD$59.99.

For PC on the Bethesda Store, it’s going for USD$79.99 and on Steam it’s RM 236.99.