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Our Favourite Games From IndieCade At E3 2019

IndieCade is dedicated to celebrating independent games and media from around the world. If you’re at E3 this year you’re going to want to check out their showcase of some of the best emerging indie talent. From June 11-13 at booth #5200 in the West Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center.

This year marks the 14th annual IndieCade Showcase at E3 to gear up from their annual festival that takes place in October. Here were our picks from last year’s IndieCade 2018. This year we’re highlighting these games for you to check out.


Boyfriend Dungeon by Kitfox Games

I’ve been following the development of Boyfriend Dungeon since it came on Kickstarter last year. And of course, I’ve been a fan of the indie game company since Moon Hunters. Created as a ‘shack and slash’ dungeon crawler, the game is a dating meet rogue dungeon crawler where you date your weapons! No not in a creepy objectophilia kinda way, the weapons will be transforming into hotties you can date – if that makes it any less weird. Go on romantic outings to forge precious moments with your lovers and work together to clear the rampant monster infestations. Because after all, a couple that slays together, stays together. 


Lemnis Gate by Ratloop Games Canada

Lemnis Gate presents a revolutionary new way to play a First-Person Shooter with its unique time travel gameplay mechanics. Spanned over multiple rounds, players take turns altering the future in this strategic turn-based mind-bending experience.

A game of Lemnis Gate takes place within a continually repeating time loop. The time loop lasts 25 seconds, resets and repeats itself. Players take turns to add new characters into the loop. Each character is forever stuck, replaying its actions over and over. Past, Present & Future characters play together as a team.


Killer Queen Black by Liquid Bit, LLC & Bumblebear Games

Killer Queen Black is an intense multiplayer action/strategy platformer for up to eight players. Hop on the snail, hoard berries, or wipe out the enemy’s queen to claim victory. Killer Queen Black, a new take on the arcade eSport Killer Queen, has been rebuilt from the ground up and optimized for console. The gameplay is immediately recognizable and familiar, yet introduces exciting new mechanics and online play for the home audience.


Keen by Cat Nigiri

You know those sliding puzzle games where you try and get the ball through to the end by sliding panels? Did you like them but always wanted more? Well, Keen combines the puzzle element of sliding around with some light RPG combat. Guide Kim, a grumpy little girl raised by her grandmother to save the world on her journey to stop an evil organization from destroying her village. It’s fresh gameplay to a classic genre – moving and attacking are the same thing.


Too Many Cooks by FINIFUGU && friends

It’s the joy of Spaceteam and Overcooked on mobile! Too Many Cooks is a local cooperative party game for 3-6 players (iOS, Android) where your team works together to run a restaurant kitchen. Each player uses their own device to chop, steam and wash their way to victory while sending ingredients and tools back and forth between the team. Shout orders between one another while trying to figure out the best way to optimise for each gauntlet of orders; featuring iconic foods from around the world! It makes for a great pick-up-and-play game which fits neatly into a family games night, a train/car ride or at an airport.


Knife Sisters by Transcenders Media

Knife Sisters is a dark, explorative, and erotic visual novel about emotions, power and dependence. Follow Leo during six intense weeks of budding emotions, occult rituals, and consensual sex. Date three different characters to explore aspects of being dominant, submissive and switch and let Leo develop as a person.

Leo, a 19-year old non-binary transperson, wakes up late after a rough night with a pounding headache and no recollection whatsoever of the night before, but with a sense that something really bad might have happened. It’s now up to you to go back in time and explore what triggered the events that night. It’s a pretty risque experience and not for everyone but it’s an interesting experience told through a gaming medium.