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Everything We Know About Nintendo’s New Switch Models

It’s been just two years since Nintendo launched their handheld gaming console the Switch. But already we’re getting not just one, but two console iterations this year. The first model will have ‘enhanced features’ while the second will be a cheaper version of the first.

With 34 million reported units being sold worldwide as of the end of last month, we’re pretty excited about what Nintendo has coming up next. Let’s look at everything we know about the Nintendo Switch 2.


Not A Brand New Console

It would be crazy for Nintendo to launch a brand new console at this time when the Switch is just at the beginning of its lifecycle. The Nintendo Switch 2 will not be a replacement for the original Switch but rather an upgrade. Much like when you upgrade your phone models.

This enhanced version will be aimed at the more “dedicated, hardcore gamers”. I’m not sure what that means. Will it have a bigger screen? Bigger controls? A Red Bull cup holder? Let’s speculate.

Image Credit: Let’s Go Digital

The second model as we mentioned before will be a cheaper alternative to the Nintendo Switch, tentatively known as ‘Switch Lite‘. As the Switch retails at about roughly RM1,300 / USD$300, a cheaper alternative would reach a wider market base. Expect a couple of the features from the original model to not be available though.

Rumours are that this Switch will be dockless and have attached Joy-Cons. So like a Sega Game Gear, if you guys still remember those. We don’t know the price for sure but rumours are placing it at USD$200 or RM800.


Rumoured Specifications

Image Credit: Console Deals

The Switch 2 will be a more powerful console than its predecessor. According to Japanese game site Gamepedia – the RAM will be double that of the current console at 8GB and the internal storage will get a bump to 128GB from 32GB. There will also be a new processor but we’re not too sure what’s changing specifically from that. All the Switch models will be able to play the same games so I wouldn’t expect it to stray too far off.

Next, we expect a visual upgrade for the Switch 2. Whether this is 4K output and/or a 1080p display, compared to the 720p on the current Switch.


What We Want To See

More screen, less bezel, get in on that 1080p. Nintendo could cut back on its bezel size. An upgraded screen could cut into that dark space without interfering with the console’s general dimensions.

Image Credit: CNET

A smaller, more portable dock. The current docking station for the Nintendo Switch is fairly large and not as portable as the main console itself. Third party manufacturers are already delivering on this.

Image Credit: Nintendo

Lastly more battery life, please. This would be a great feature for the Nintendo Switch 2, as the current generation lasts for about roughly 3 hours. Not exactly suitable for all-day play. I know you can charge it on the go and such but stretching that battery life to let’s say 6 hours would be a definite advantage for a handheld device.


That’s all we got for the Switch. We don’t know for sure when it’ll be announced but Nintendo‘s President Shuntaro Furukawa has confirmed that they will not be showing it at this year’s E3 in June. If we follow the average console lifecycle it’ll be announced towards the end of the year.