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Meet Baptiste, Overwatch’s Haitian Support Soldier

Overwatch welcomes Hero 30 to its ranks in the form of Jean-Baptiste Augustin. Described as a ‘combat medic’ our ex-Talon soldier hails from Haiti. Blizzard has since released his origin story. Baptiste was orphaned during the Omnic Crisis and joined a military group called the Caribbean Coalition. When the Crisis was over, his skills were recruited into another organisation – Talon.

Talon is the mercenary group led by our Overwatch bad guy D. Cuerva. Years went on and eventually, Baptiste was unable to deal with Talon’s ways and got out. That’s where we pick him up now: determined to make the world a better place.

In Blizzard’s last post we learn we see an issue out for his capture or kill.

Baptiste will likely be hitting the public test realm very soon, at which point his entire gameplay kit will be revealed. In the origin story video below you can see some health packs and a grenade launcher. This gives us some hints into his abilities. Such as will he be able to shoot them like Ana’s biotic grenade. Or simply drop healing packs for people.

If you have any good ideas let us know in the comments below!

Hero cosmetics and interactions are often added to the PTR later in the hero’s development before they launch on live servers.