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Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? On Netflix

If you grew up during the time of dial-up internet aka the 90s, there was a good chance you played the educational game Carmen Sandiego. Following the red-coated villainess, Carmen Sandiego as she stole priceless artefacts while you super sleuthed your way to her whereabouts. Now Netflix is bringing her back in a new animated TV series set to premiere January 18.

While the Netflix trend has been to destroy our childhood memories with the dark drama of Riverdale and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, their take with Carmen Sandiego has gone the other way. The iconic archvillain is now a yellow turtleneck-less, Robin Hood-esque hero who steals from other thieves.

The trailer gives us a brief introduction to both series lead Carmen, who is voiced by Annihilation’s Gina Rodriguez, as well as her partner-in-crime, Player, who will provide the voice in her ear on missions — and act as a nod to the original games. He’s voiced by Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things.

The showrunner for Carmen Sandiego is Duane Capizzi, whose previous work includes Cartoon Network’s The Batman, and the series will be executive produced by CJ Kettler of The Tick. This isn’t the only Carmen Sandiego adaptation that Netflix currently has in production. Also on the way is a live-action movie, though the streaming service has released significantly fewer details about it. One thing we do know is that Gina Rodriguez is set to play the iconic red-jacketed thief in that movie as well. It’s unclear if the live-action movie and the animated series will be connected in any other ways.

Have you played any of the Carmen Sandiego games? Are you looking forward to the TV series? Sound off in the comments below!