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Take A Journey To The West In Unruly Heroes

Unruly Heroes is an action platformer, Trine-esque game, set in the classic Chinese literary tale Journey to the West. Developed by Magic Design Studios, the team is made up of ex Ubisoft developers. Which might be what gives the game a slightly bouncy Rayman Legends vibe to it.

If you’re not familiar with what happens in Journey to the West, you may not be brought up Asian but let me get out my chopsticks and educate you. It tells the tale of a monk on his journey to India to bring back Buddhist scriptures from India to China. Along the way, he gains some companions – a hot-headed monkey warrior, an ornery half-pig half-man creature and an ogre. It’s got this whole Homer’s Odyssey vibe but it is a classic piece of literature and worth a read.

Like Trine, each of the four heroes has their own combat and non-combat powers, and you’ll be able to rotate between them. Unruly Heroes is set up to support local and online co-op for up to four so if you want to bring a buddy or three, you’ll get to use the whole gang at once. There’s also a PvP arena mode for those of you monsters that just hate peaceful co-operation.

Unruly Heroes is a charming and colourful game with some seriously gorgeous hand-drawn art styles. Play with your friends or if you’re like me a lonely game writer, by yourself. The game is pretty laid back, with a couple of scary instant death traps and potentially challenging large levels.

Unruly Heroes is available now on Nintendo Switch, Steam, Microsoft Store, and Xbox One. With a planned release on the PlayStation 4.