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Atlus Teases A New Persona 5 Project

Atlus recently took to Twitter with an ad teasing a new project set within the Persona 5 universe. Details are scarce at the moment, but it looks like we can expect more information in the next few months.

The above announcement went live on social media ahead of the new year, and it looks to be teasing something called “Persona 5 R.” While it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s the actual name of a game, it’s also possible that “R” is just the start of the final word in the title, since all we have to work off of is the website name P5R.jp. So maybe it’s Persona 5: Resurrection or Persona 5: Ratatouille.

The teaser itself is short and sweet, beginning with a PlayStation 4 logo and the catchphrase, “Take your heart.” We see some shots of the city, with billboards announcing “New Projects.” The March 2019 date appears, with the Japanese web address in tow.

If one pops over to said website, one will see it’s basically a placeholder at this point. This same teaser can be seen at the centre of the page, along with all of the usual social media links. At the top of the page, however, is an announcement that the “Next Information” will be coming in March, which is why I’m pretty confident that date teased in the trailer isn’t the project’s actual release date.

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So now we’ve got three months to speculate what Atlus might be up to in the world of Persona 5. Based on the series’ history, this could go in several possible directions. First up, and the most likely choice in my book, is an updated version of the core game. Both Persona 3 and Persona 4 have received such updated launches that were very well received.

Atlus typically adds in some new content and tweaks systems based on player feedback, making the updated version a solid reason for fans to double dip and an even better reason for newcomers to finally see what all of the fuss is about. The only issue at this point is the fact that the teaser begins with a PlayStation logo, which wouldn’t be a great sign for fans who were hoping any such re-release might see a launch on the Nintendo Switch.

Another possibility is that, just like the previous two Persona games, Persona 5 could be getting a fighter spinoff. Those previous fighters came from the insanely talented team at Arc System Works, the folks who made last year’s mega-hit, Dragon Ball FighterZ. Also the fact that Joker seems to have entered Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for some reason.

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Or, maybe they’re just going to launch a big story extension for the original Persona 5 and release a new version of the game with those extra missions included. That would make more sense than working on the next full Persona game here at the twilight of the current console generation. Either way, we’re looking forward to finding out more about what Atlus has planned. If you have any theories or ideas let us know in the comments below!