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YouTube Is Now On The Nintendo Switch

Is there nothing the Nintendo Switch can’t do? The portable entertainment device is delivering not only the most amazing games  *cough cough* Breath of the Wild but now it can stream videos too. Happy early Christmas to us.

The free to download YouTube app supports a bunch of great features have been loaded into the app, including support for 360 videos – you can control the viewing angle using the left joystick, or the main buttons on the Switch. Simply download the app from the store and then, load all the game playthroughs that you can’t afford to buy! It’s like you’re right there. But no not really.

You can download content for viewing when you’re away from a connection, and you can stream movies into your library for viewing when your Switch is docked into your TV. That feature’s pretty handy if you can’t access YouTube on your TV, if you do have a SmartTV then you won’t have an issue. But I don’t even have a TV so this is good.

YouTube is now the second video streaming service available on your Switch after Hulu, which was updated a year ago in November. I don’t think it’s going to be too long before Netflix and Amazon Prime Video jump in on the bandwagon.