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What’s Happening In The Arrow-verse Crossover ‘Elseworlds’

The DC TV shows are confusing enough without adding anything more into it. But it looks like they’re adding more things to it. The Arrow-verse annual crossover is about to start next week and this is what we know about it. Expect to see all the main and supporting cast members as well as Superman, Lois Lane, Jay Garrick and what we think is a sneaky pilot for Batwoman.

Like last year’s Barry-Iris wedding alternate universe doppelganger crossover stuff. We’re getting a looks at a case of some seriously mistaken identities here. Thankfully this time without all that fuhrer stuff. Running from December 9 – 11 the crossover will be playing on The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl TV shows respectively. You’ll notice that Legends of Tomorrow isn’t on the list. Or maybe you didn’t notice it, I know I didn’t.


Our chosen baddie of the week is Dr. John Deegan played by Jeremy Davies a doctor working in Arkham Asylum with the power to rewrite reality. In the comics, he goes by Doctor Destiny and like most of the sociopaths coming out of that place is blessed with some considerable genius. He’s accredited with creating the device known as the “Materioptikon”, a device that will allow you to create reality from the fabric of dreams. In the trailer however it looks like he’ll be getting said device from the Monitor.

The Monitor or Mar Novu as he’s called in the Arrow-verse. Played by LaMonica Garrett the Monitor is described as being an extraterrestrial being of infinite power. He appears in the comics during the Crisis on Infinite Earths series as some sort of protector of the multiverse. The Monitor says that he offered Deegan “godhood,” and then says to “show them what a real god can do.” So what is Monitor up to here?


It’s likely that the doctor will be drawing our heroes to Gotham City for some sort of world-ending nefarious purpose. Which brings us to the big reveal of Batwoman. Along with the two Supermans that will be flying in faster than a speeding bullet we’re introduced to Ruby RoseBatwoman.

It’s the last season of the brilliant TV series that is Gotham next year. If you haven’t watched it yet, start now and thank me later. Which leaves room for another Dark Knight TV show to enter the fray. We only get a few seconds of Kate Kane in her Batwoman costume but there are the ole Batsignal and Batarang in the trailer.