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The CryptantCrab Pre Sale Has A New Feature

CryptantCrab one of the region’s first Crypto game has extended its presale to December 25th to include a core new function – Xenograft. The Ethereum based Crypto game is being launched by iCandy Interactive, an Australian public-listed company based in Southeast Asia.

The blockchain PvP game is centred as the name would suggest, around crabs. Players are able to use Ether to buy a virtual crab that comes with random individualised traits to battle other crabs. In order to grow your crab and make it stronger, you can mutate parts of your virtual crab – the left pincer, right pincer, or the legs. This is done by utilising Cryptant (the in-game currency), that can be either bought outright or gained via one on one battles.

Cryptant Crab, iCandy Interactive, Blockchain Game, Cryptocurrency, Ether, Ethereum

As of now what you mutate on each individual crab is mostly stuck there but with the newly introduced Xenograft feature, you can now transplant a specific Crab part onto another CryptantCrab. It’ll be easier for you in this way to customise each of your crabs based on what kind of balance you’d like, creating the ultimate Franken Crab.

When you’re satisfied with your Crabs, you can then decide if you want to keep them or sell them for Ether on the marketplace. All the factors above can play a role in determining the value of your Crab. For example, having a Crab with matching sets of limbs will yield higher value, as will a crab with long wins streaks. All this, compounded with the fluctuating value of Ether, will determine your actual payout.

The CryptantCrab that you’ve also spliced a part off will still retain some value as it turns into a Fossil. While it can’t be sent to battle in this state, it can still be traded on a designated platform. In fact, its uniqueness may offer some value in future updates.

Cryptant Crab, iCandy Interactive, Blockchain Game, Cryptocurrency, Pre-Sale, Xenograft, Ethereum

The pre-sale benefits include gaining the ‘Pioneer’ tag for all pre-sale crabs and enjoying the higher chance to get Legendary CryptantCrabs. The latter also offers the equally-as-rare event-exclusive virtual crustaceans, specific entries that will no longer appear once the pre-sale closes.

Check out the CryptantCrab website here to start your own Crab collection journey and for more information, you can message the team on Facebook and Discord.