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SEA Game Awards Nominees 2018 – Malaysia

It’s about that time of year for Level UP KL, South East Asia’s very own game developers conference. Level UP has been running for the last 4 years with the SEA Game Awards being hosted last year. It’s back again this year with the same award categories so let’s have a look at the nominees from Malaysia! There’s a lot to choose from this year.


A Dance of Fire and Ice by 7th Beat Games

You’ve played rhythm games before but you’ve never played one like this. This isn’t the newest game out there but it’s definitely one of the most challenging. It’s an easy enough game to understand just tap anywhere on the screen or use any button on the keyboard to move the circle over to the next step. Sounds easy enough right? No. This is one that’s definitely worth your time to experience as we eagerly await their next game Rhythm Doctor.

A Dance Of Fire And Ice is available for purchase on Google Play for RM3.49.


Eximius: Seize the Frontline by Ammobox Studios

Taking the best of RTS and FPS in this hybrid game, Eximius: Seize the Frontline is clearly inspired by the original Battlezone franchise. The game features an intense 5v5 multiplayer experience with each team comprising of 4 Squad Officers and one Commander. As a Commander you handle the RTS side of the game, building the base, training the army and calling down support abilities to help your allies on the ground to gain territory. An Officer on the frontline plays in FPS, leading your squad into combat to capture resources and upgrade your weapons.

Eximius: Seize the Frontline is available for purchase on Steam Early Access for RM51.


Haywire Harvest by Glenmarie Games from KDU University College

Haywire Harvest is a 4v4 arena shooter set in a procedurally generated alien planet. The game is about artificially intelligent robots from two mining corporations competing against each other to harvest an extremely valuable mineral called Versatilium to be sent back to Earth. There are a few game modes to choose from like King of the Hill and Capture the Flag.

If you want to play Haywire Harvest it can be downloaded here.


Iteno by Why Creative

Iteno is a maths-based casual puzzle game by indie game developer Why Creative. The idea for Iteno came from Sudoku and the lesser known Kakuro, a logic puzzle that is often referred to as the mathematical equivalent of a crossword puzzle. The game is set to launch on the Google Play and Apple Store as of now though we’re not sure when.


Karaz’s Conquest by Lek Chan

A retro shooter with a twist. Now this time instead of being the starships firing away at the alien monsters you’re the invader! Cultivate your aliens and defeat enemies on the battlefield in alien conquest. Explore the universe, collect hidden characters and space puzzle pieces.

Mecha Royale Online is out now for download on Google Play and Apple Store.


King’s League II by Kurechii

King’s League II is the sequel to the King’s League series by KurechiiKing’s League  takes you into the renowned Kurestral Kingdom where you battle for the honour of challenging the King and ascending the throne! A light game with a refreshing take on battle, The King’s League provides you with an army of your preference. Choose the classes that will lead you to victory, conquer territories and complete quests as you fight your way to the top. The series has expanded onwards to The King’s League: Odyssey, King’s League: Odyssey Mobile and The King’s League: Emblems.

Check out their full list of games and where to download them here.


Mecha Royale Online by Illogical Games

Another log on the fire of battle royale games. Mecha Royale Online is a competitive mobile top-down shooter set in a mech dominated future. Running as a traditional battle royale, winner takes all kinda thing Mecha Royale Online rewards players for their kills with credits that can be used to purchase and upgrade their mechs. Be forewarned that death in a match leads to permanent death for your mech as well as whatever credits you would have garnered.

Mecha Royale Online is currently in open beta on Google Play.


Nightstream by Streamline Games

A runner game is practically a novelty at this point and coupled with skateboards we’re getting some true 80s flashbacks. From the Streamline Games studio comes  Nightstream a 360-degree mobile runner with an original handcrafted soundtrack the game is a futuristic runner that has you flying and spinning through your run with some solid electronic beats that change with your character selection. Each level is broken down in three stages and your aim is to get through and rank up the highest score by working in some tubular hoverboard kicks.

Nightstream is out now for download on Google Play and Apple Store.


NETTWORTH: Life Simulation Game by Gameka

No stranger to the game development scene, Gameka has launched a free to play game that lets you win at life. From falling in love, having children, to accumulating wealth and then passing that wealth on to said children it’s all up to you how to live it. The main goal of NETTWORTH besides winning and building that dynasty is to teach people about managing finances in a fun way. In order to be the richest person, you’ll need to manage your time, finances and even your health. A good lead up to the scary decisions you make IRL.

NETTWORTH is currently in open beta on Google Play and Apple Store.


No Straight Roads by Metronomik

From the mind of our legendary character in Malaysian game development, Wan Hazmer comes the very first game from his own indie studio Metronomik. An interesting music-based action IP for the PlayStation 4 and PC it tells the tale of two indie rockers who battle against the rising and dominant EDM record label. The main theme of the music will, of course, be of the Rock genre but as you move closer to a boss, the music changes into EDM. Lol.

No Straight Road has no specific release date as of yet but they did mention sometime next year.


Ocean Escape by Article Soft. from Asia Pacific University

A casual little mobile game that for some reason reminds me of that Ecco the Dolphin game on the Sega Genesis. Now you know how I old I am. Swim further and further up to the surface and save sea animals along the way. There’s not much else to be said for Ocean Escape, it’s a clean one tap mobile game that should be good for a casual play.

Ocean Escape is out now for download on Google Play and Apple Store.


Re:Legend by Magnus Games Studio

One of our personal favourites from last year, Re:Legend is part RPG adventure, part Harvest Moon, part monster tamer and all parts adorable. In Re:Legend you make an honest living farming crafting and re-building a village while taming cutie monsters called MagnusYou can read our full write up from last year here.

Re:Legend will be released on the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.  Date TBA.


Sakura no Gakkou by The Tangerine from Limkokwing University

Just in time for Halloween, Sakura no Gakkou or School of Cherry Blossoms is an exploration horror game. Waking up in an abandoned school after falling asleep in a day of class, Yumi tries to find a way out while uncovering some horrifying secrets. It’s got some great potential as a student game but I’m definitely too chicken to play!

If you do want to play Sakura no Gakkou can be downloaded here. 


SIMULACRA: Pipe Dreams by Kaigan Games

A spin-off to the award-winning Simulacra (full review here) comes Simulacra: Pipe Dreams. A completely immersive and thrilling narrative you’re told the story of a mysterious experience as the game takes over your phone. You are the main character in the story and it’s up to you what to do. In Simulacra: Pipe Dreams your best friend tells you about a new game he is really into. He introduces it to you and while it seems harmless at first, something’s not quite right. While the game offers temporary relief to life’s problems it cines at a terrible cost.

Simulacra: Pipe Dreams is out now for download on Google Play and Steam.


Terminus Lockdown by Glenmarie Games from KDU University College

Terminus: Lockdown is a third-person survival shooter where players play the role of a lone Technician trapped in a world filled with deadly parasitic plants infesting the halls of an abandoned space station. Outwit the enemies by fighting with light and stay one step ahead of the plant infested robots that used to man the space station. The game revolves around immersion and thick atmospheric tension through the use of environment pieces to create an authentic realistic experience. There’s a lot of potential in this one.


The Long Road Ahead by Cellar Vault Games


I met the Cellar Vault team at last year’s Level Up and I’m happy to see that their games are keeping up their momentum. The gorgeous papercraft art style coupled with Chinese inspired horror tale is a fresh look at horror. It looks very polished and we’re excited to see if they’ll make this into a full game. The Long Road Ahead tells the story of Liang and Ying as they travel back to Liang’s hometown. During their journey home, a dark presence looms close by.

If you want to play The Long Road Ahead it can be downloaded here.


The Plight: Prologue by Cellar Vault Games


Another entry by the previously mentioned Cellar Vault Games. It seems like these guys can’t get enough of the horror genre and I’m sure people out there somewhere will be thanking them. Not me haha as we’ve established I’m a huge chicken when it comes to horror games. Keeping in theme with their Asian inspired horror lore, The Plight focuses on following Wu in his attempt to find out what haunts the house he lives in. Players will uncover Wu’s dark past and recover his lost memories.

If you want to play The Plight it can be downloaded here.


The 9th Gate by Spacepup Entertainment

Seems like our Malaysian indie studios can’t get enough of horror because here comes another one from Spacepup Entertainment. The 9th Gate is a procedural survival horror game set in modern times where you play as a spirit medium who must rescue the soul of a young girl that has been trapped by nether forces. To do so, you must search for objects that have a spiritual connection with the girl and use them to draw her soul back into the realm of the living. This will, however, weaken the barrier that separates the living and the dead and as a result free other angry and malevolent spirits. You have only the span of a single night to complete the ritual and retrieve the girl’s soul or risk losing her forever.

9th Gate is available for purchase on Steam for RM15.50.


Upin & Ipin Keris Siamang Tunggal The Game by Les’ Copaque Games Development Inc

It’s hard to escape a Malaysian based event without Upin & Ipin showing up. Master of the IP the popular animated series follows the life of two twin brothers and their life in a fictional Malaysian kampung. It’s been 11 years since the series launched and since then we’ve gotten 8 seasons of TV, a movie, comics, as many dolls and backpacks as you could want and of course the game. The story in Upin & Ipin Keris Siamang Tunggal goes like this, for some reason someone has left two 5-year-olds with a keris (a kind of dagger) and instead of cutting themselves a giant hole leads them into a Kingdom which they have to save.


WAKER by akirassasin from Dwi Emas International School

A minimalistic bullet hell game with all the force of a great typhoon, mysterious as the dark side of the moon. Unique targeting mechanic in deep space and some excellent music going on. There’s not much to say about this it’s all in the trailer.

WAKER is available for purchase here for USD$3.


WarPods by Weyrdworks Studio

It’s hard for me to be objective about this game because I’ve made it my goal to rank on their Leaderboard, but you should definitely be playing it. From the award winning creators of the excellently made Super Steampuff (full review here), comes another fast-paced, wacky space adventure this time with a whole bunch of blocks. Bouncing, neon explosions have you battling your way through firey skulls of doom, blinking eyeballs and robotic space demons as you balance your motley crew of space oddities. What’s not to love? The game keeps frequently updated with events as well as wacky space stories and character releases. If you get it now you’ll be in time for their Halloween event.

WarPods is out now for download on Google Play and Apple Store.

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Also in the Malaysian nominee’s list are DeLight by DreamTree Games and Ageless by Bala Vicknesh A/L S Ravichanthiran but I can’t find too much about their game online. If you guys know em hit a girl up.

The winners will be announced next week on Wednesday at the Awards Ceremony.