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Blockchain Game CryptantCrab Scuttles Into View

iCandy Interactive is one of Southeast Asia’s biggest mobile game companies. You may remember them from their acquisition of Appxplore known for releasing such hits as Crab WarAlien Path and Light A Way. As well as Inzen Studio who gave us Dark Dot and Star Tap. Now they’re about to get in on the CryptoCurrency scene with their latest game CryptantCrab, a blockchain PvP game centred around crabs that you can battle, mutate, collect and trade.

There have been a number of crypto games launched in the last year with currencies ranging from Bitcoin, DogeCoin to whatever coins that have been newly minted in the last two years. It’s getting hard to keep up. But rest assured CryptantCrab will be based on the fairly reputable Ethereum blockchain.

CryptantCrab will be a web-based game and if those shiny crabs look familiar it’s because the art is a spin-off of its award-winning mobile game Crab WarCheck out the trailer here.

So how it works is that you’ll first need to set up your Ether cryptocurrency wallet and get your first crab. Each virtual crab is tagged with a digital token and comes with random individualized traits. In order to grow your crab and make it stronger, you can mutate parts of your virtual crab – the left pincer, right pincer, or the legs. This is done by utilising Cryptant (the in-game currency), which can be either bought outright or gained via one on one battles.

Mutate your crab as much as you like to create the ultimate prizefighter! The only limitation to the mutation will be to the crab’s body which cannot be mutated and will represent their elemental alignment. There are five in total and each do better against the rest.

When you’re satisfied with your Crabs, you can then decide if you want to keep them or sell them for Ether on the marketplace. All the factors above can play a role in determining the value of your Crab. For example, having a Crab with matching sets of limbs will yield higher value, as will a crab with long wins streaks. All this, compounded with the fluctuating value of Ether, will determine your actual payout.

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The CryptantCrab pre-sale begins officially on the 25th of October and a couple of lucky people will have a chance to be given:

  • The enviable pioneer status for the entire pre-sale period of the CryptantCrabs. This status will be visible on the in-platform.
  • A Better Chance of Getting Legendary Cryptants
  • Access to Unique CryptantCrabs that is just exclusive for this specific event

Register your interest at their website https://www.cryptantcrab.io/. The full-fledge game is set to be released towards the end of 2018.