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Southeast Asia eSports Revs It Up A Notch

eSports tournaments have been mushrooming left and right in Southeast Asia but Malaysia has been the first to launch the first eMotorsports tournament! Last weekend was the launch of Pro Circuit, a platform for players to compete against each other to determine the best eMotorsports gamer in this region.

Pro Circuit, Malaysia, eMotorsports, eSports

Recognising the rise of interested in eSports in recent years the company Spectra Global, a leading motorsports, talent management and IT company collaborated with Genysis All Evento to create this event. At the event eSport racing teams AD1, GTOS and Blue Steel Racing were all awarded plaques of recognition.

Pro Circuit, Malaysia, eMotorsports, eSports, AD1

Pro Circuit has been endorsed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and features the latest in MSI tech. So what do you think about this next foray into the eSports arena and do you think it’ll take off?