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Nintendo Announces Three New Pokémon Games For Switch

Nintendo is building the hype for E3 with the announcement of not one, not two but THREE Pokémon games for the Nintendo Switch! Get ready to catch ’em all.


Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu & Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee

Let’s start with the two on the Nintendo Switch. This duo of games is a sort of remake of Pokémon Yellow, taking players back to the Kanto region to catch Pokémon, train them and go on to be the very best that no one ever was.

If you think the game looks a little familiar it’s because the catch mechanic has been lifted straight from Pokémon Go. In fact, these games can actually sync with Pokémon Go as well. Rather than battle down a Pokémon until it’s weak to catch them, you’ll instead be throwing a Pokéballs in true paper toss fashion to catch them. This can be done with the buttons, by physically waving a Joy-Con in the air, or by pretending to toss a new Pokéball peripheral that doubles as a controller for the game.

Obviously, this streamlined Pokémon experience isn’t what some of the more diehard fans were hoping for, but it has all of the makings of another runaway Nintendo hit. Also, while no information was offered, Nintendo made it clear that the team is hard at work on the next core game in the series as well, so don’t fret about this being a new direction for the standard Pokémon games.


Pokémon Quest

Pokémon Quest is out now on the Nintendo Switch and will be heading onto mobile next month. Pokémon Quest is a free-to-start game that features a blocky art style and top-down, real-time action-RPG gameplay in which “face off against wild Pokémon and embark on many exciting expeditions,” according to the company. You can download it for free right now on the Eshop.

Pokémon Quest is set in a new area called Tumblecube Island and includes first-generation Pokémon. In this game, your Pokedex-filling adventures are driven by cooking recipes that Pokémon love. Cooking in Pokémon Quest is essentially how you attract different Pokémon and get them to hang out at your base camp, join your team and become willing to head out on special expedition missions in order to progress the game.

Everything runs in something of a circle: you’ll want to recruit Pokémon through cooking to send them out on missions, and you’ll want to send Pokémon out on expedition missions to get your hands on new ingredients in order to cook better dishes and get higher level, more powerful Pokémon. It’s a Pokémon eat Pokémon world out there.