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Overwatch’s New Deathmatch Map, Petra

Overwatch Anniversary is up this week and with it comes a new Deathmatch map set in Petra! The map features overlapping paths, a breakable section of floor, and artwork and sculpture from the ancient real-world city in Jordan. Camp tents pitched outside and high-tech equipment set up in the caverns suggest Petra is a research site for someone in the Overwatch universe.

Anyone who’s seen Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade will instantly recognize the carved facade of the Al Khazneh, or treasury, which features prominently into the new Overwatch map. Inside is a maze of caverns and pathways, opening into sunlit courtyards with paths along multiple levels. As well as my personal favourite a breakable floor that drops away and sends players plummeting into a lethal pit. Yay.


Here, check it out for yourself:

“A group of archaeologists have begun an excavation and preservation project among the ruins of Petra, a new Deathmatch map that puts all heroes on their own, facing off against one another until one hero scores enough eliminations to win the match. Take in Petra’s majestic views, from high vistas to twisting passageways and deep caverns. Travel along deadly cliffs, but be careful to not fall off! A dilapidated bridge stretches across the map, and the ground underneath it can crumble away to reveal a lethal pit. Hopping on a green jump pad will boost you up to Petra’s higher levels and unlock new strategic possibilities for you.”

Petra will debut Tuesday as the Overwatch anniversary event kicks off. We’ve seen leaks of the new skins already, and Blizzard has said the event will feature all the brawls and skins from the past events. Junkenstein’s Revenge and Zenyatta Cthulhu skin I’m coming for you!