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Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Pro Clash Royale Player?

Do you spend all your time playing Clash Royale? Well now’s your chance to prove you’ve got the skills to make it in the big leagues and win not just the title but some sweet monetary rewards. The Clash Royale League qualifying rounds are open to everyone from now until the 18th of March. Any player that wins 20 games before getting the third loss has the chance to potentially become a professional Clash Royale player!

Clash Royale Crown Championship 2017, esports, supercell

The Clash Royale League will consist of teams worldwide such as North America, Europe, Asia, and China. With each of the regions hosting six to twelve teams, comprising of four to six players. The top teams from each of the regions will advance to the World Finals hosted in Asia at the end of the year.

Qualifiers are open to anybody at least level 8 in the game and ages 16 and up. Your first three entries are free, and subsequent entries cost 10 gems an entry. If you make it through you’ll be eligible for a contract salaried position with the top performing teams winning up to USD$200,000.

For those of you that haven’t played Clash Royale before it’s a surprisingly easy game to pick up. You collect cards that summon creatures on a real-time strategy map to destroy the other team’s defenses. It’s free to play so check it out on Google Play and the App Store!