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Malaysian Studio Wins Big At Indie Prize, USA

Our favourite mobile stalking game Simulacra by Kaigan Games wins The Best Mobile Game Award at this year’s Indie Prize, Casual Connect, USA! Congratulations!

The game was nominated for three additional categories: Most Innovative GameBest Game Narrative and Best Game Design.

For those of you that haven’t heard about Simulacra get ready because you’re in for a Black Mirror episode irl. Imagine you find someone’s phone on the ground and being the good samaritan you are, you want to return it but can’t help your voyeuristic tendencies and turn it on. Then the owner of the phone appears and tells you not to find her. What do you do?


Stalking people through mobile? Let me just say if this was a sport I’d be a jock #nojudgement. I mean this girl is clearly in trouble so I’m sure she wouldn’t mind you going through her photos and social media accounts right? But what turns out to be some juicy goss gets creepy pretty darn quick.

Not just a text or walking sim Simulacra keeps it interesting with puzzles such as decrypting messages and pictures, that just heighten the suspense and discovery (I’d personally have brought it to an Apple store at this point). As well as their live-action cutscenes which didn’t so much as break up the gameplay as enhance it.

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Simulacra is out now for Android, iOS for RM $19.99 SGD $6.98. As well as on Steam for RM $12.50. But trust me and get it on mobile it was definitely built for that experience. Also, watch out for sudden phone calls, I almost gave myself a heart attack.