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Is Death Stranding Releasing This Year?

We still might not yet know what the hell Death Stranding actually is, but pretty much everyone seems to agree that they are eager to play whatever insanity director Hideo Kojima has pulled together. And according to a recent interview, that time might come sooner than anticipated.

You have to take this prediction with at least a small grain of salt, as nothing has been confirmed at this time. Twitter user BlackKite recently tweeted a link to a Dengeki PlayStation interview with Kojima, in which the man of the hour teases a couple of interesting things, the game is coming along quickly, and a major announcement is on the way. So one has to wonder if these two comments are related.

The interview came as part of Dengeki PlayStation‘s regular chat with developers concerning the progress of their most recent projects. When asked about Death Stranding, Kojima couldn’t resist the opportunity to tease fans all over again, both concerning the speed of development and another announcement of some sort coming down the line.

First, he states that development is “going well,” and that Sony Interactive Entertainment has told him that they’ve never seen a game being created at such a fast pace. We doubt Kojima is receiving any timeline pressure, so hopefully, that speaks exclusively to everyone’s passion for the project.

The second thing Kojima teases is that he will have a “surprise” for everyone sometime in 2018. We know he wanted to get Death Stranding out the door by the end of 2018, so is it possible that he’ll actually make that deadline? Whatever the announcement is, there’s a pretty good chance that it will be made on the Sony stage during E3 2018 this coming June.