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Filipino Fan-Made Overwatch Map Gets Blizzard’s Attention

The map, created by Filipino art student and self-taught 3D artist Joshua Llorente, features a futuristic Cairo, complete with the technologically advanced vehicles and architecture that have become central to the designs of previous Overwatch maps. Combining the innovation of Overwatch’s 2076-ish setting with traditional Egyptian design traits, Llorente’s imagining of Cairo is more than impressive.

In the short span of just two months, Llorente has managed to create his own Cairo Map from scratch using Unreal Engine. A finely-crafted playground with a fair balance of open spaces, and tight, enclosed alleys.

Of course, the Cairo Map is not exactly perfect, but to pull off such a feat in a mere two-month window is impressive. When compared to the details of other Overwatch maps, its textures are rather similar, and the replica of the payload in certain scenes further proves Llorente‘s thoughtful consideration into the overall design – best shown through the complicated labyrinth of side paths befitting of the lonesome flanker.

This is hardly the student artist’s first foray into designing an Overwatch-based map. His ArtStation portfolio page displays detailed visions of Manila, Luxor and Overwatch’s own lored-up location and headquarters of Symmetra, Vishkar Labs.

Since its release, the video has been gaining in popularity and garnering heaps of praises among the Reddit and YouTube community. Including some kudos from the man himself, Kaplan wrote ‘Amazing work!’ ‘We’ll be in touch soon.’

While Llorente admits that he’d love to work at Blizzard, his current goal is to gain some experience in the local game developing scene first.