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Left Alive Is Square Enix’s Survival Action Shooter Set In The Front Mission Universe

Left Alive released its first trailer, offering a glimpse of gameplay from next year’s title. Square Enix’s recently revealed survival action shooter debuted at Tokyo Game Show. Japanese games magazine Famitsu has dropped a host of new information on what Square Enix‘s Left Alive is all about.

Gematsu reports that the third-person action survival shooter shares the same world and setting as Square Enix’s Front Mission series. It’s being developed by director Toshifumi Nabeshima, who worked on the Armored Core franchise. Yoji Shinkawa, character designer on the Metal Gear and Zone of the Enders series. Takayuki Yanase, a designer whose credits include Mobile Suit Gundam 00 and Xenoblade Chronicles X. And Shinji Hashimoto, producer of the original Front Mission and Front Mission Evolved.

In the year 2127, Left Alive‘s premise will center around Russia and will see many familiar faces from between Front Mission 5 and Front Mission Evolved. But the latest title will be much more than just an homage to a previously stated series. The game itself is shaping up to be quite the experience within, you’ll assume the role of three protagonists and while there is only one ending to its stage-based structure. The player’s actions will determine the outcome of each individual character.

Like similar decision-making games, there is still that one singular ultimate ending but the road there will be different for each player. According to the recent trailer, the “outcome” of each character will be entirely reliant on the individual choices made during a single playthrough.

Front Mission‘s “walking-type mobile weapon” mechs—will feature here. However, you won’t always fight inside them and they won’t be customisable. While billed as an “action survival shooter”, the game’s central focus is survival—which is influenced by a crafting system and setting traps “to stir up the battlefield,” so says Gematsu. This third-person shooter will feature a lot of stealth, careful attention to detail, as well as in-game crafting for suitable weapons and other vital gear to a more successful playthrough.

Left Alive is due on PlayStation 4 and PC in 2018, and development is thought to be 50 percent complete.