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The IMGA SEA Nominations 2017 – Philippines

The nominations are out for the second edition of the International Mobile Game Awards for Southeast Asia. This year there are a total of 65 games from all over Southeast Asia, with the final award ceremony being held on October 13th at GameStart 2017 in Singapore!

Let us introduce you to the nominees for the IMGA SEA Awards from the Philippines! Congratulations!


Agent Aliens by Indigo Gaming

Agent Aliens is an arcade style run and gun game. Jump and shoot your way to freedom as you search for your fellow Aliens and break free from captivity. It will take teamwork and dexterous fingers to survive this close encounter with humankind.


Dream Defense by Altitude Games Inc.

In Dream Defense, you play as a gun-slinging teddy bear who comes to life at night to defend his playmate Robin from creatures that attack her as she sleeps. Equip yourself with exciting weapons and fortify Robin’s bed with all sorts of awesome toy defenses. Survive the night and don’t let Robin’s nightmares come true!


Flippy Bottle Extreme! by Most Played Games


Be the Master of the Flip. Flippy Bottle Extreme! is simple enough that anyone can play it. It basically tasks you with swiping the screen to flip a bottle across a range of environments, from your house to the outdoors, to the Eiffel Tower.


Mayari by Ingenuity Games

Mayari is a mystery-adventure game set in a fantastical version of Southeast Asia. You see through the eyes of Mayari, a girl entrusted with an inescapable destiny. You guide her through the story of her village and their devotion to their goddess Idayen.


Mighty Alpha Droid – Action Word Game by Popsicle Game

Save the planet from the evil robots with your spelling skills! Form words using random letter tiles to blast your opponent to smithereens. Bigger enemies require longer words. Do you have what it takes to save the planet from these evil robots?


Pets Race – Fun Multiplayer Racing with Friends by Kooapps

Cute animals and multiplayer racing games collide in Pets Race, the adorable multiplayer racing game where you race as cute animals. Battle online for first place and collect special loot in this online PVP racing game!  Inspired by Mario Kart and of course a love of pets.


Potion Punch by Monstronauts Inc

A time management game where you run your own colourful potion shop! Through clever mixing and matching. Master colour theory and concoct potions that span the color spectrum!


Super 3-Point Shootout by Ranida Games

PBA Super 3 Point Shootout is a PvP arcade game. That pits players against players to prove who can score the most three pointers. The game sports familiar control that allow players to move around the court and shoot beyond the arc.


Those are the nominees from the Philippines! Remember to check out the other nominees from Malaysia and Singapore as well! This year’s judging panel is composed of international mobile gaming experts such as Febrianto Nur Anwari from DuniakuMohammad Fahmifrom Toge Production, Ian Gregory from Witching Hour StudiosJeremy Ooi from Kaigan GamesGabby Dizon from Altitude Games etc.