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The IMGA SEA Nominations 2017 – Malaysia

It’s about that time of year, the nominations are out for the second edition of the International Mobile Game Awards for Southeast Asia. This year there are a total of 65 games from all over Southeast Asia, with the final award ceremony being held on October 13th at GameStart 2017 in Singapore.

Let us introduce you to the nominees for the IMGA SEA Awards from Malaysia! Congratulations to all the companies and get ready to vote!


Alien Path by Appxplore

Alien Path is a turn-based strategy, action puzzle game for mobile. By the creators of Alien Hive and Crab WarAppxploreAlien Path is a complicated strategic puzzler. That combines turn-based strategy, match-three and of course like the name suggests, path drawing. Read up our full review here.


Ein & The Fallen Stars by Seven Games


Ein and the Fallen Stars is a story-telling game. It describes a story where a space explorer named Ein who lost his way home when the stars have disappeared. As a player, you can help him to return to his home planet by solving all the puzzles.


Ejen Ali: Emergency by Common Extract

Take on the role as Ejen Ali in this isometric action-puzzle based mobile game and embark on a mission to infiltrate deep into the MATA facility. Explore the different levels in a mission to defeat the enemy and escape from the highly secure defense system of MATA. Explore nooks and corners with the help of Ejen Comot who has the ability to turn invisible and break down walls with Ejen Bakar’s super strength.


Kluno: Hero Battle by Gameka

Kluno: Hero Battle is a player vs player (PVP) battle arena where the battle is controlled by a match-3 game board. Each hero has a dual role feature, where they can both attack and support with their abilities; this opens the battle to a wide variety of team composition and strategies.


PlayBack by Trifold

PlayBack is an interactive VR mobile game. Located in a town where unfortunate accidents happen and a boy who wished he could save his dog. This game tells a story of an accident and players have the power to prevent it from happening. Rewind and play the animations, and search for clues to find out how the accident happened.


Postknight by Kurechii

Postknight sends you on a pocket-sized adventure. Where you travel through monster filled terrains to get packages safely into the hands of their receivers. And in your free time spend your time wooing the local village girls. Read up our full review here.


Simulacra by Kaigan Games

A spiritual successor to the award winning narrative thriller Sara is Missing, Simulacra expands on using the smartphone interface as a game. You came across a mobile phone and found out the owner is missing, disappeared without a trace. By going through it, you have to trace her final steps by talking to her friends, looking through her messages, emails, gallery and much more.


Spaceship Tilt by Chik Yip Fook

Spaceship Tilt is a bullet hell boss rush shmup where you control the ship by tilting your phone! Fight against different types of enemy spaceship, with each of them having different attack, behaviour, and require a different strategy to fight. Pitch yourself against one enemy spaceship at a time and strip them apart with your trusty blaster.


Sudden Watermelon by Lek Chan

Sudden Watermelon is a retro action packed ‘beat them up’ game with a light hearted theme. Player will be punching their way out against various funny watermelon enemies and learn new stunning fighting moves along the way.


Uri: The Sprout of Lotus Creek by DreamTree Games


In the game, you follow Uri, a young prince who has always lived behind the walls of his palace. One day, he sets out to venture beyond the walls of the palace to embark on a journey of adventure and discovery.  During the game, you aid Uri in his quest by overcoming the obstacles blocking his way. Check out our first impressions here.


This year’s judging panel is composed of international mobile gaming experts such as Febrianto Nur Anwari from Duniaku, Mohammad Fahmi from Toge Production, Ian Gregory from Witching Hour Studios, Jeremy Ooi from Kaigan Games, Gabby Dizon from Altitude Games etc.