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‘Re:Legend’ Is An Adorable Harvest Moon-esque Monster Raising Co-op RPG

Washed ashore on the island of Vokka, you have been given a chance at a brand new life. The soil is fertile, the land is teeming with wildlife, and the locals seem friendly enough. Time to get cracking! Re:Legend is monster-raising mechanics and RPG elements combined into one.

Re:Legend was unveiled in April through the Square Enix Collective, where it became one of the best-supported projects and obtained the highest ratio of “Yes” replies, finishing at 99%.

Re:Legend launches its Kickstarter campaign on Wednesday, July 26. An all RPG-simulator hybrid with monster raising and multiplayer features. Re:Legend is the co-op adventure developers Magnus Games, Malaysia have been craving long before they began development almost two years ago.


Players will spend their days on an island called “Vokka.” Involving such activities as farm and raise crops, fish, gather materials, gathering wood, and gather ores in mine shafts and caves. These are the fundamentals in a simulation game, especially farming simulation. Much like Harvest Moon. Your first few days in Re:Legend might consist of planting a few crops to subsist on, trading part of your harvest with the villagers. Eventually gaining enough resources to build a comfortable home.


On Vokka Island the presence of numerous monster-like creatures called Magnus. By taming and befriending wild Magnus like the adorable Momochi and Draconewt, this new world will truly open up to you. From helping you in a wealth of activities to carrying you across the island, loyal Magnus are the key to a prosperous life.


Players can either battle it out by themselves or get help from other players. The co-op feature is great. Players can help other players defeat a large monster to gain some materials or loot. Besides the co-op feature, players can also customize their own characters to their own liking.

Magnus Games will release Re:Legend on PC (Windows) and intend on supporting PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch if Kickstarter stretch goals are met.