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What To Know Before Playing Outlast 2

Outlast 2 is one of the year’s scariest games. With a reliance on camcording, stealth and gruesome voyeurism it’s an incredibly effective kind of horror experience. It creates a degree of immersion that leaves you feeling scared and incredibly helpless throughout the entire game.

To combat that feeling of apathy, here are our 5 best tips before playing Outlast 2.


Mind Your Battery


Remember who you are. You’re Blake, a spineless journalist who’s only good at one thing: recording. And to do that you need the battery on your handycam. Be mindful of how much you use the camera’s night vision mode and microphone as those are the features that will drain the thing’s battery, leaving you in all-consuming darkness and without the means to actually document all the terrible stuff you’re witnessing.


Running Away Is The Better Part Of Valor

Outlast 2 Red Barrels Studio Horror Game Sinister Transitions

Fighting will get you killed very quickly. Instead, take flight whenever you’re spotted by flesh-hungry cultists or worse, but don’t hide behind the nearest, obvious bush or corner—the enemies aren’t that stupid. Remember your tactical espionage training from Metal Gear Solid and run at least a little while before hiding in a barrel or beneath a bed.


Your Enemies Are Kind Of Blind


Then I should fight them? NO! Blake can’t even throw a decent punch and he will probably break his wrist if you try. With that said, on the default difficulty, it’s pretty easy to outmaneuver your not-so-bright enemies. As long as you’re not in the open and screaming at them, they have a really hard time spotting you. Keeping crouched, somewhat covered by darkness or objects and mostly out of their cone-shaped vision will have you pretty much free to move where you want. Just don’t get close.


Get On The Floor For Essential Loot

Outlast 2 Red Barrels Studio Scariest Game of the Year PS4 PC Xbox One

But that’s disgusting. Well, Outlast 2 is a disgusting experience, and as you’ll probably soil yourself at some point playing the game, you shouldn’t worry about floor dust. If you’re hurt you’ll often be able to find an extra bandage by getting on your stomach and looking beneath or behind stuff. The same goes for batteries as they, like in real life, tend to roll off tables and end up in cracks or crevices on ground-level.


Not All (But Most) Enemies Are Murderous

Outlast 2 Red Barrels Studio Scariest Game of the Year

We’re not sure, but the fact of the matter is that some enemies don’t seem to want to hurt you at all. They’ll just stand there staring unless you enter their comfort zone, in which case they’ll probably smack your head with a shovel or something. Figuring out exactly what enemies mean you harm in an offensive way is one of the main points of tension in Outlast 2.

Outlast 2 takes its original idea and builds on it very well to create a sequel that’s straight up terrifying. A must for those who love nothing more than feeling the fear. Available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.