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Fallout Is Getting Immortalised In Tabletop Format

It’s been almost two years since Bethesda sent players back to the wasteland in Fallout 4. And while we’re eagerly awaiting the first glimpse of Fallout 4 VR later this year. There are new plans to expand the Fallout experience in tabletop gaming.

Tabletop miniatures games range from large-scale fantasy battle simulators like Warhammer. To more intimate, squad-scale affairs like Star Wars: Imperial Assault (which is more on the “board game” side of the spectrum). Players take turns moving their plastic miniatures across a battlefield, setting up attacks or otherwise accomplishing objectives. British Games publisher Modiphius says Wasteland Warfare will offer “PvP, co-op, and solo tabletop missions”. Which makes it sound more like Imperial Assault than Warhammer to me.

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Bethesda and Modiphius Entertainment are teaming up for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. A new miniatures wargame that will feature solo missions as well as PvP and co-op options for multiple players. Thus far, very few details have been revealed about Wasteland Warfare. But the first teaser image, we can see that the game appears to be taking its cues from Fallout 4. With super mutants, and fighters in T-60 power armor. There’s even a Nuka Cola machine.

Presumably, the game will also feature other icons from the Fallout universe. But it’s unclear where it fits within the narrative of the game. Modiphius Entertainment has a good track record of bringing its games to life through successful Kickstarter campaigns. But it’s not currently known if Fallout: Wasteland Warfare will also go the Kickstarter route or if Modiphius will simply go straight-to-retail with one of the biggest video game brands. An official site for the game has also been launched with a new piece of artwork from the game and a very familiar canine companion.