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Watch Your Back Valeera Sanguinar Enters Heroes Of The Storm!


Valeera Sanguinar the blood elf is making her way into Heroes of the Storm. An NPC in World of Warcraft, and is not aligned with either Horde or Alliance. Her loyalties lie with her friends and own ideals. In Hearthstone, she is a Rogue class who was added to help balance faction, race and gender representation.

There is a basic learning curve going between the different Blizzard games and even though you play a Gladiator Warrior in World of Warcraft, you will still have to learn the different abilities and playing style for Varian Wrynn. But with Valeera, it’s almost like the took a WoW Rogue and dropped it straight into the Nexus.

Not only are her abilities named the same as in WoW, but they appear to function the same way as well. Stealth, combo points, finishing moves, energy based attacks… this may be one of the easiest characters to pick up for those who play rogues in Azeroth.

For a time, the gladiator Valeera Sanguinar served dutifully as one of Varian Wrynn’s personal bodyguards. Now, her shadowy skills find her a natural fit within the secretive rogue order, the Uncrowned, in their fight against the Legion.


  • Combo Points
    • Rogues are masters at chaining quick attacks, and Valeera is no different. While visible and in Stealth, Valeera accumulates Combo Points that can be spent to empower Eviscerate (E).


  • Vanish (D)
    • Valeera vanishes from sight, becoming Stealthed and increasing her Movement Speed by 10%. For the first second, she is Unrevealable and can pass through other units.
    • Using Vanish grants Valeera an alternate set of Abilities that she can use while Stealthed.

Valeera Sanguinar Heroes of the Storm Rogue Blizzard Entertainment Gameplay

Basic Abilities

  • Sinister Strike (Q)
    • Dash forward, hitting all enemies in a line. If Sinister Strike hits an enemy Hero, Valeera stops dashing immediately and the cooldown is reduced to 1 second.
    • Awards 1 Combo Point.
  • Blade Flurry (W)
    • Deal damage in an area around Valeera.
    • Awards 1 Combo Point per enemy Hero hit.
  • Eviscerate (E)
    • Consume all Combo Points to eviscerate an enemy, dealing increased damage per Combo Point spent. Valeera can store a maximum of 3 Combo Points.

Vanish Abilities

  • Ambush (Q)
    • Ambush the target, instantly dealing damage to them.
    • Awards 1 Combo Point.
  • Cheap Shot (W)
    • Deal a small amount of damage to an enemy and stun them for 1.5 seconds.
    • Awards 1 Combo Point.
  • Garrote (E)
    • Garrote an enemy, instantly dealing a small amount of damage, as well as a larger amount of bonus damage over 7 seconds, and Silencing them for 2 seconds.
    • Awards 1 Combo Point.

Valeera Sanguinar Rogue Blood Elf World of Warcraft Joins Heroes Of The Storm

Heroic Abilities

  • Smoke Bomb (R)
    • Create a cloud of smoke. While in the smoke, Valeera is Unrevealable and can pass through other units. Additionally, she gains 25 Armor, reducing damage taken by 25%. Valeera can continue to attack and use abilities without being revealed. Lasts 5 seconds.
    • Using this ability does not break Vanish.
  • Cloak of Shadows (R)
    • Valeera is enveloped in a Cloak of Shadows, which immediately removes all damage over time effects from her. For 1 second, she becomes Unstoppable and gains 75 Spell Armor, reducing Ability Damage taken by 75%.
    • Using this ability does not break Vanish.