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Samsung’s Curved Gaming Monitor Is Now In Malaysia

Play The Curve, Rule The Game

Samsung is stepping up its game with its new curved gaming monitor – the CFG70. The curved monitor is packed with many features gamers will appreciate, such as AMD FreeSync, very fast response time, and of course, support for the Korean company’s signature Quantum Dot technology.

Recently launched in Malaysia the result is meant to immerse gamers in what’s being displayed onscreen whilst offering brilliant and accurate colours across a 125 per cent sRGB spectrum. This added luminance provides a 3000:1 contrast ratio, amplifying previously unseen details in many leading titles.

The CFG70 is designed to “match the natural curve of the human eye” and features a 1,800R curvature and 178-degree ultra-wide viewing angle. The monitor also has a “complementary sound-interactive LED lighting” that further enhances the visual presentation. This design resulted in this curved gaming monitor becoming a recipient of the Japan Institute of Design Promotion’s (JDP) annual Good Design Awards. All in all the result is extremely aesthetically pleasing.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of the CFG70 curved gaming monitor is its very fast Moving Picture Response Time (MPRT) of only 1ms, compared to the conventional 4ms. Which makes it ideal for professional gaming.  Lower response times are better – especially in gaming – as longer ones might create a “ghosting” effect in which moving objects onscreen leave trails that provide visual artifacts that can prove distracting. A lower response time reduces the display transition and thus improves the visual experience.

Samsung CFG70 Quantum Dot Curved Gaming Monitor President Samsung Malaysia Lee Sang Hoon

“Our Quantum Dot display gaming monitor creates an unprecedented visual experience that no gamer has ever experienced,” said President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics, Lee Sang Hoon. “Optimized on breaking boundaries and bringing lifelike picture quality, the CFG70 is an incredible leverage for gamers to have especially when competing in the growing popularity of e-sports.”

Furthermore, Samsung has partnered with AMD to integrate AMD’s FreeSync Technology to synchronize the 144Hz screen refresh rate with AMD graphics cards to further minimize visual annoyances. Which in this case are image tearing, input latency and stuttering.

The CFG70 can also be tweaked and optimized for different gameplay experiences – for instance, the FPS, RTS or RPG genres – while pairing this feature with a user-friendly UX (user experience). There are hotkeys on the monitor to allow a change of settings on the fly, which essentially lets you optimize the screen settings for another game genre with the press of a button.

Samsung CFG70 Quantum Dot Curved Gaming Monitor PindaPanda Rika Dorji

The monitor isn’t just about providing an immersive and impressive experience however, but also a comfortable one. The curved design apparently results in less eye strain, and the monitor also comes with an Eye Saver Mode and a Flicker Free Function that reduces blue light emissions and offers protection from strain caused by flickering screens respectively. Further emphasizing its gamer-friendly image is the monitor’s dual-hinged arm, which basically allows you to hang your headphone on it instead of on the monitor itself.

The monitor comes in 24-inch and 27-inch variants, priced at RM1,699 and RM2,099 respectively. It’s available for preorder on Lazada from now till the 26th. With the first 100 customers being able to get a free gift worth up to RM264. Offline availability at selected retail outlets will begin on the 27th of January.