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Where to Livestream the Nintendo Switch Event

The Nintendo Switch event goes live on January 12th at 8 PM PT/11 PM ET. Meaning that for those of you in Malaysia & Singapore. You’ll be able to watch it Friday, January 13th at 12PM.

Nintendo has already unveiled the basic concept for its new system, the Switch. The event will dive into the specifics, revealing much more about Switch during a presentation that will be streamed online. Which you can watch it on these three channels:

Nintendo has said it will discuss Switch‘s price, game lineup, specs, and “other details” during the event. The stream is intended for a worldwide audience. But according to Nintendo UK (via Nintendo Everything), it will be broadcast in Japanese with English language voiceover.


Nintendo also plans to further highlight Switch games in another livestream the following morning. At 6:30 AM PT/9:30 AM ET on Friday, January 13. Translating to 10.30pm on January 13th in Malaysia & Singapore. To catch the Treehouse Live event. Details on what this will consist of haven’t been shared except to say it’ll provide an “in-depth look at upcoming games” from Switch event.

Among the games confirmed for the Switch so far are The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Dragon Quest XI, and a new Sonic. It’s slated for release in March.