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‘Injustice 2’ Everything You Need To Know

Batman, Superman, and a slew of other heroes and villains are back to duke it out in Injustice 2Netherrealm Studios‘ return to the slick new engine that powered Mortal Kombat X. There’s a ton of fanservice in this 2.5D fighter for anyone with even the slightest knowledge of DC ComicsInjustice 2 is taking an interesting gamble with the addition of gear in a fighting game, gathered over time to give your preferred character enhanced abilities and a personalized look.

The game is expected to release this year on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Here’s some gameplay footage featuring all the characters that will be in Injustice 2.

The latest additions to the roster are Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, and Blue Beetle.

Wonder Woman was a member of the original Injustice roster. While Blue Beetle is a new addition to the franchise. Although Blue Beetle‘s super strength and flight should translate fairly easily into the current game. It will be interesting to see how they implement his weapon creation abilities into the character’s move set. It’s also worth noting that the developers mentioned that it’s unlikely Mortal Kombat‘s Scorpion will be joining the game. But that they are open to the possibility of incorporating a new character from that franchise.

Here’s a trailer from the panel that showcases these two new characters in action.

Only a few days after the first announcement trailer for the highly anticipated sequel. Injustice will pit DC heroes and villains against each other in a battle for control of the multiverse.