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The Dawning Brings the Holiday Spirit to Destiny

If Bungie didn’t want us to know that we were getting Sparrow racing this year, they should have hid this reveal trailer better.

It’s the most wonderful time of year! Well for Destiny players, as the game’s annual holiday event is almost upon us.

The event, called The Dawning, isn’t ready to be opened until December 13th. But feel free to shake the box a bit by watching the official reveal trailer below:

The Dawning heralds the return of the Sparrow Racing League! The league will function roughly the same as the last time we saw it, meaning that you’ll be able to participate in competitively ranked races with your fellow guardians. As it is the season of giving, this latest update will also provide gamers with a few new Sparrows to play with as well as some new tracks to learn.


For those who prefer a more traditional Destiny experience, The Dawning still has plenty to offer. Alongside a host of new items (including new weapons, armor, and decorative emblems), this update will finally bring a scoring system to Destiny’s Strikes. This new feature essentially adds an arcade mode to the game’s Strikes which allows players to accumulate points and medals for good play. Ideally, this new system will provide a little incentive to return to some of the older Strikes now that there is more to accomplish than just some grinding.


While revisiting those Strikes, you may want to take advantage of the exotic Icebreaker sniper rifle which will be returning to the game once the update is live. Along with fitting the theme of the event, this weapon is commonly referred to as one of the best PvE sniper rifles.

Finally, The Dawning will coat certain areas of Destiny with snow, presents, decorations, and all of the other aesthetic niceties which proudly announce that the holiday season is indeed here at last.