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Overwatch Winter Wonderland Event 2016

It’s Overwatch‘s Winter Wonderland! Unwrap all-new holiday-themed loot. Deck the halls of Hanamura and King’s Row, and put your enemies on ice in Mei’s Snowball Offensive. The Overwatch Winter Wonderland Christmas event is live, complete with a new mode and Christmas skins on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

The Overwatch Winter Wonderland will be running from December 13 until January 2. So remember to lock in some playtime for all those Christmas skins! There’s a bunch of other goodies such as festive player icons, emotes, highlight intros, and voice lines. Check out all the skins below.

“Starting today, all in-game Loot Boxes have been replaced with our impeccably wrapped Winter Loot Boxes, and they’re filled to the brim with over 100 new cosmetic trimmings!” reads a Blizzard blog post.

Additionally, the Hanamura and King’s Row maps have been given a temporary winter makeover. Along with a new game mode is called Mei’s Snowball Offensive and is a 6v6, single-elimination affair of all Meis firing snowballs at each other. While it only takes one hit to eliminate an enemy, missing a shot leaves players vulnerable, as players search for the nearest snow pile to reload.

via Gfycat

The Blizzard blog post continues: “Once your weapon is empty, your enemies will have the advantage as you search for the nearest snow pile to reload, so don’t forget to cover your retreat with ice walls and cryo-freeze to block their attacks—and when the battle starts to heat up, you can activate Mei’s Ultimate, which turns her blaster into a semi-automatic snowball launcher, allowing you to fire continuously as your enemies scatter.”