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Pixel Gear Let’s You Blast The Pixels Out Of VR

Pixel Gear by Oasis Games is an arcade shooter on the PlayStation VR. With a similar tower-defense type gameplay to Ace Banana. With a coat of 8-bit 3D style Minecraft inspired visuals, retro-era music and a fair amount of replayablity, Pixel Gear is a great game to pull out at parties. In Pixel Gear, you find yourself once again facing waves of enemies, this time Halloween & medieval-fantasy inspired.

Pixel Gear uses a PlayStation Move controller to aim a gun, but the major difference is in how the player holds it. Instead of pointing the end of the Move controller at the PlayStation Camera in order to aim, players instead hold the controller vertically. More like holding a real gun.


Utilizing the PS Move, accuracy plays a integral role in the disposing of the waves of enemies. There are different strategies to take out different enemies, and in some cases, there is also an opportunity to use the enemies’ arsenal to your advantage.

Although it is only 3 levels long, there is a clearer sense of progression in Pixel Gear.A small mini game is introduced after every few waves to help you earn, or lose points, that will eventually allow you to spec up or purchase new weapons.


There are a variety of enemies to shoot at. From skeletons, to bats to even a pretty solid Frankenstein’s monster-looking creature fired a huge cannon. All in all there are about six different types of foes that Geronimo Interactive has cooked up. Leading to a fairly repetitive challenge. Things finally got exciting when you encountered the big bosses.


Pixel Gear is meant to be played in short bursts. While not genre defying as a VR title, it is the perfect game to show off the capabilities and basics of VR gaming.