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Ubisoft & Nintendo Are Developing A Title For The Switch

‘Mario RPG: Invasion of the Rabbids’ Is The Working Title For Ubisoft and Nintendo’s Switch Collaboration

Rumors are swirling that Ubisoft and Nintendo might be working on a new collaborative title featuring two iconic brands from both developers. The game will supposedly be an exclusive launch game for the Nintendo Switch.


According to Let’s Play Video Games, they’ve managed to talk to various sources close to Ubisoft who revealed that the working title for the game is Mario RPG: Invasion of the Rabbids. The game will star various characters from the Super Mario universe being invaded by Ubisoft’s Raving Rabbids characters.


They haven’t revealed much but it will feature a new Bowser form based around the design of the Rabbids as a recurring boss enemy.  As well as a particular focus on Yoshi as a primary party member, alongside a playable Rabbid. The game will maintain classic RPG mechanics as players attempt to battle through an invasion from the Rabbids into the world of Super Mario.


There will reportedly be a demo available for the game showcased during the January debut of new info for the Nintendo Switch. Part of the planned press demo includes the JoyCons vibrating to imply a Rabbid jumping into and out of them from the TV or handheld screen. The idea is to imply your system is infested with Rabbids, and that they could at any time jump out of your controller and interfere with gameplay.

The article also states that the game will feature a quicksave system to ensure that saving is possible on short notice if the battery on the Switch handheld is running low.


Nintendo will need a big outing for the Nintendo Switch come this March. So they’re likely going to be working overtime to get the game up and finished in time because previous rumors indicated that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild would not be making the March release window based on how long it’s taking the game to finish the localization process. They won’t begin full testing until next month, according to the rumors.

This definitely doesn’t seem like the kind of game that would be a killer game for the Nintendo Switch, so hopefully, they have a few more hard-hitting games in the line-up as well to lure in potential buyers. Though who knows, it may surprise us.