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There Will Be More Mass Effect After Andromeda

BioWare graced us last week with a gorgeous new Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer for N7 day. The gameis launching March 2017 but unlike the original trilogy, BioWare has repeatedly stated that they have no intentions of using Andromeda as the starting point for an entirely new Mass Effect trilogy.

EA boss Patrick Söderlund has even gone so far as to confirm that BioWare is working on a new IP as its next project. So what does this mean for Mass Effect? Well Creative Director, Mac Walters puts our fears aside with this tweet.

So what is the nature of this mysterious Mass Effect content? There are a few possible answers to that question. The most likely of them is that BioWare is planning on releasing DLC for Andromeda similar to what they did with the previous Mass Effect games. While no such DLC releases have been officially confirmed, it has been assumed that there will be some kind of post-game content for the installment.

Another option could potentially involve a series of side-stories within the particular universe that Andromeda seems to be creating. The hype for Andromeda thus far has largely involved around the Andromeda Initiative and the characters involved with it. It’s certainly possible that all this is just the start of something much bigger.

If you missed the trailer release check it out below.

For now, at least, Mass Effect fans will just need to take comfort that BioWare is looking beyond Andromeda and will revisit this universe in some form in the future. More as we get it.