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Diablo III, 20th Anniversary Patch

Diablo III patch will bring players back to the original Diablo levels as well as bring back the Newcromancer class

Blizzard surprised its BlizzCon viewers with a new anniversary Diablo III patch the Darkening of Tristram. While the news is not as big as another Diablo IV release that many Diablo fans have been waiting for, Blizzard had made public of its plans of adding a patch to its Diablo III game along with another character class.


Coming in the Patch 2.4.3, Blizzard have recreated some of the iconic levels from the original Diablo.  The “Darkening of Tristram” update will include 16 levels of dungeon along with four big bosses from the original Diablo. Standing true to the original game, players will be able to play through this event using a RetroVision™ filter to give it a retro look and also restricting player’s movements to just 8 degrees.


Necromancer Class


As the Necromancer, you’ll be able to use the power of the dark arts to summon the undead and other creatures of the night. It was announced that this Necromancer class is not the same character from previous Diablo titles and instead will be 2 new nephalem heroes. Only a few of the Necromancer’s previous skills will be playable.

The Rise of the Necromancer will be released anytime next year. This is a paid content, however, and requires the Diablo III game and Reaper of Souls expansion to access.

Blizzard will also adding in two new zones in Diablo 3 next year with its adventure mode called Shrouded Moors and Temple of Firstborn which, once released, will be a free add-on to the game.

The anniversary event will be live on the PTR next week, so players won’t have to wait long to tryout this cool patch.