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Causing Mayhem Has Never Been Easier In Watchdogs 2 

This time, we journey to San Francisco, as we take control of a young and promising hacker, Marcus Holloway, who has his own personal mission to take down Blume, CTOS 2.0 and any corporations that stand beside them.

Watchdogs 2 is set after the first game and it seems that we were unable to stop the progress of CTOS, as it was developed into CTOS 2.0. Labelled as even more powerful than its’ previous version, CTOS 2.0 will hail a new & smarter way for information to be gathered by companies, governments and the police, to help keep the citizens of San Francisco safer.

As Marcus, you join up with the active hacking group, Dedsec, whose members all share the same goal as you to take down Blume and show the evil nature behind CTOS 2.0 to the public. Making up Dedsec are 4 young and talented hackers, each with their own unique skill which they bring to the team.


  • Wrench (the engineer), is a master in building the coolest gadgets & weapons to help Dedsec‘s goals, whilst also having an addiction to cause destruction.
  • Sitara (the brand artist), is skilled in design and helps bring out the identity of Dedsec in her vibrant art & videos.
  • Josh (the genius hacker), can break through any security system with ease giving Dedsec that edge against other hacker groups.
  • Horatio (the comms’ man), scouts out the next best target for Dedsec to attack and keeps everyone working on the same wavelength.

As part of Dedsec, you move from target to target, hacking into servers, downloading secret corporate information and installing your Dedsec virus from just the swipe of your smartphone. Coupled with two new hacking gadgets; RC Car and Drone, you’re a force to be reckoned with as you gain more trust from the public and build up your social followers.


If you decide to take a short break from the main story missions, then Watchdogs 2 has plenty of side missions & activities for you to interact with. You can try to be the fastest in the cross country motorbike races, fly through the skies in drone races, sail across the bay in boat races and race in electronic go-karts.

Watchdogs own seamless online multiplayer is back as well and you can expect more of the similar gameplay from the previous multiplayer; invading other player’s games to steal their information without being caught.


If you enjoyed Watchdogs for its’ hacking gameplay, then you might want to consider picking up Watchdogs 2. It has improved on the hacking by making it simpler and offering more options, whilst taking itself a lot less seriously than its’ predecessor and also delivering a much more interesting location.

For a deeper look into the gameplay, check out our in depth review shortly.