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8 Doctor Strange Easter Eggs You Missed

Doctor Strange is Marvel’s latest superhero. Like with all Marvel movies, he has his own supply of Easter eggs.


Doctor Strange took a different spin from Marvel‘s usual robot exploding justice. Instead, we’re treated to a psychedelic mushroom trip of magic and astral projection. If you were too busy trying to inception your way out of the movie’s visuals. You were liable to  miss these eggs.

(Warning: Spoilers for Doctor Strange.)


Tools Of The Trade

Doctor Strange movie Wand of Watoomb

During a training duel with Strange, Mordo names various mystical items. He claims to be wielding the Staff of the Living Tribunal. Although the Living Tribunal is one of the most powerful beings in the multiverse, I highly doubt that was it.

Another item, the Wand of Watoomb, is a powerful artifact first revealed in a team-up between Strange and his unlikely pal, Spider-Man. It is seen later in the film, being used by Wong during the battle in Hong Kong.


Stan Lee Cameo


Of course, you caught the Stan Lee cameo. I mean that’s half the reason we watch Marvel movies. But did you spot what he was reading? It was a copy of Aldous Huxley‘s The Doors of Perception. A 1954 essay about the writer’s experiences tripping on mescaline. No doubt the counterculture icon Huxley was an inspiration for Lee when he created the equally trippy Doctor Strange back in 1963.


Benedict Cumberbatch Played Two Roles


You might have wondered why big bad Dormammu‘s name didn’t appear in the credits. That’s because he was also played by Cumberbatch. Specifically, he provided the motion capture for the demonic sorcerer’s giant head. While an unknown British actor voiced him.


The Familiar Basketball Player


Benjamin Bratt shows up in a small role as Jonathan Pangborn, a man who healed his own broken spine with the powers of magic. We first meet him playing basketball. If he looks familiar to you, well this isn’t the first time that he’s been on screen playing basketball in a superhero movie. The last was an infamous scene in the infamously terrible Catwoman movie. Surely this can’t be a coincidence.


The Book of Cagliostro


The tome which Strange, the Ancient One and Kaecilius all learn their forbidden arts was written by the Italian wizard Cagliostro. It included magic that allowed the user to travel through time. As Strange learns in the film. That also explains the whole “notes from the future” thing.

Dr. Nic West

Michael Stuhlbarg and Nicodemus West from Doctor Strange
Dr. Nic aka Michael Stuhlbarg was Dr. Stephen Strange’s incompetent colleague at the hospital. His name in the comics is in fact, Nicodemus West. Who operated on Strange after his accident and was wracked with guilt over failing to save Stephen’s hands. He trained for a short time with the Ancient One, but left before he mastered the mystic arts.


The Mindless Ones


As Kaecilius and his followers are swept off into the Dark Dimension, you might have noticed them beginning to transform into strange, amorphous figures, each with a single glowing eye.

These are the Mindless Ones, unstoppable magical beings that bring destruction wherever they go. Even powerful sorcerers like Strange and Dormammu himself have found themselves in serious trouble when the Mindless Ones run free.

War Machine Cameo


Just before Stephen‘s catastrophic car crash, the surgeon callously dismisses a series of potential patients.

One of those – an air force colonel who hurt his spine in a suit of experimental armour. That sounds a whole lot like War Machine/James Rhodes. Fresh from his injury in Captain America: Civil War, could the military have been involved in covert attempts to replicate Iron Man‘s armour? Tony isn’t going to be pleased…