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Nintendo Has Made A ‘Switch’ From The NX

Nintendo Unveils Its Next Video Game Console ‘Switch’.

It’s been almost a year and a half since Nintendo announced the NX, and now the gaming giant has finally dropped the codename and secrecy in favor of something more official: Switch. As the rumors previously asserted, it is indeed a hybrid mobile and home console with a tablet element and detachable controllers. Check it out in action.

The device is a handheld screen with two controllers on either side that can be slotted in and out to create the handheld or a controller for use when the screen portion is put into a docking station connected to a TV.


Switch is the successor to both Nintendo’s 3DS portable and Wii U home console. The Wii U was a commercial failure by anyone’s reckoning, so the pressure is on for Nintendo to deliver a system that can find success in a market dominated by mobile gaming and the more powerful PS4 and Xbox One.


We look forward to hearing more about it. Four games have been officially announced for the Nintendo Switch: