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The IMGA SEA Nominations 2016 – Singapore

The International Mobile Gaming Awards have announced their final nominations! In total 79, games have been nominated for IMGA’s first edition for Southeast Asia.  The awards ceremony will take place on November 8th in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In the mean time let’s introduce you to the nominees for the IMGA SEA Awards from Singapore! Congratulations!

Arctopia: Path to Monopoly by Innervative Learning

An educational platform that teaches you the basics of small business economics. As Branch Manager of a famous coffee franchise to establish the brand in the town with the goal of monopolizing the coffee market. Arctopia: Path to Monopoly is a product of Arclab, an online educational portal.

Autumn Dynasty 3: Kingdoms by Touch Dimensions

Autumn Dynasty 3: Kingdoms is a premium full-featured 4X real-time strategy title for mobile. Featuring epic battles with massive armies commanded by the Autumn Dynasty’s flexible brush-based controls with new stratagems to unleash on the vicious enemy.

Dark Dot by Inzen Studio


Dark Dot is an action game that allows you to draw and manipulate your very own army of Darklets using formations. Draw, Resize and Rotate to manipulate your army formation and obliterate all who would stand in your way.

Happy Tennis by Happy Labs

Happy Tennis is a motion-sensing multiplayer game designed exclusively for Apple TV. Reminiscent of Wii Tennis and to a lesser extent other ‘party’ games such as Mario Party. Read our full review here.

Happy Swordplay by Happy Labs

Ever swung your remote around like a sword battling imaginary foes in your living room? Well now you can do it with a host of other wacky weapons including a flamingo, a plunger and even a frying pan! Read our full review here.

Hello Kitty Theatre by goGame

The spotlight is on you! Hello Kitty: Fantasy Theater features Hello Kitty and her friends play the role of favorite fairy tale darlings on stage. Collect all Sanrio characters, unite their friendship and have a wonderful game ever after.

Monster Chronicles by Delta Duck Studios

Monster Chronicles is a Strategy RPG with a unique battle system that combines the best of hardcore games like Fire Emblem with the simplicity of Tic-Tac-Toe. Collect, train and customise a party of cute and cool monsters. Battle through an expansive story in Ometia and become the best monster trainer.

Puchi Puchi Pop by Happy Labs

If you like Disney Tsum Tsum, then you’ll surely enjoy Puchi Puchi Pop! Simply tap to pop Puchi groups and rack up those scores to get your name on the global leaderboard! Unlock tons of special Puchi characters with unique abilities and skills.

Think Shift by unexpect3rd

A relaxing puzzle that makes use of one of the most fundamental puzzle mechanic: Sliding Pieces. Slide pieces on the board into their respective coloured spot, get all pieces into their correct places to clear the stage. A classic puzzle game with a modern day twist, enjoyable by all ages.

Those are the nominees from Singapore! Check out the other Indie Game Developers from Malaysia as well. Remember to vote for your favourite at the People’s Choice Awards here: http://sea.imgawards.com/winners-nominees/1st-imga-southeastasia/!