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The IMGA SEA Nominations 2016 – Philippines

The International Mobile Gaming Awards have announced their final nominations! In total 79, games have been nominated for IMGA’s first edition for Southeast Asia.  The awards ceremony will take place on November 8th in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In the mean time let’s introduce you to the nominees for the IMGA SEA Awards from the Philippines!


Barangay Basketball by Synergy88 Digital


A free-to-play mobile game app, Barangay Basketball was launched to cater to basketball craze in the Philippines. Barangay Basketball features five different mini-games within one app. Players can learn how to dribble, shoot, block, and dunk; then apply all of these skills in a boss match.


Heroes Above: Sky Clash by Unlibox

Heroes Above is a free-to-play asynchronous mobile PVP game. Players collect and train heroes to create the perfect squad for combat on flying ships. Using a battle system that incorporates elements of tower-defense, real-time strategy and resource management.


High Noon Revolver by Mike Studios

High Noon Revolver is an action game where you shoot your way to end inhumane experiments of mad scientists. The 2D side-scrolling action game where you shoot bad guys, earn power-ups and kill bosses to regain peace to your village.


Legends of Callasia by Boomzap Entertainment

Legends of Callasia is a fantasy-themed world conquest strategy game o inspired by Civilization, Heroes of Might & Magic, and Risk. The game has a classic tabletop feel and a cross-platform simultaneous multiplayer system where players plan and resolve their turns all at the same time.


Philippine Slam! by Ranida Games

Philippine Slam! is the official mobile game of the Philippine Basketball Association. A fun and action packed game of 2v2 full court basketball hoops. Shoot 3 pointers, block shots, perform layups and – smash the board with devastating slam dunks.

Those are the nominees from Singapore! Check out the other Indie Game Developers from Malaysia and Singapore as well. Remember to vote for your favourite at the People’s Choice Awards here: http://sea.imgawards.com/winners-nominees/1st-imga-southeastasia/!