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The IMGA SEA Nominations 2016 – Malaysia

The International Mobile Gaming Awards have announced their final nominations! In total 79, games have been nominated for IMGA’s first edition for Southeast Asia.  The awards ceremony will take place on November 8th in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In the mean time let’s introduce you to the nominees for the IMGA SEA Awards from Malaysia! Congratulations!

Alien Path by Appxplore

Alien Path is a turn-based strategy, action puzzle game for mobile. By the creators of Alien Hive and Crab WarAppxploreAlien Path is a complicated strategic puzzler. That combines turn-based strategy, match-three and of course like the name suggests, path drawing. Read up our full review here.

ChemCaper: Act 1 – Petticles in Peril by ACE EdVenture Studios

ChemCaper is a Chemistry Role Playing Mobile Game complete with a compelling storyline, progressive battle systems and mini-games. Enter the world of Reac Ta inhabited by Moon Beings that represent individual chemistry elements. Read up our full review here.

Crab War by Appxplore

In Crab War by Appxplore, you play as the deity of the crabs, unleashing swarms of your crab minions with a tap of your finger to defeat the reptiles. The gameplay of Crab War is fairly simple; just tap to release crabs, defeat the reptile, rinse and repeat. Read up our full review here.

Ejen Ali: Emergency by Common Extract

Based on the TV show animation Ejen Ali. Ejen Ali: Emergency is an isometric action-puzzle based mobile game. During this mission, Ejen Ali is sent to rescue Agent Bakar and Comot. As well as to escape from the highly secured defense system of MATA.

Flail Rider by Catpancake Games

Flail Rider is a racing game, well, sort of. Your goal in this game is to destroy everything you can without crashing into one of the building on the map. Once you tap on the screen, the car will start going forward. You can use the flail attached to the back of it to crush buildings that get in your way. Published by BulkyPix. Read up our full review here.

Hamster Escapade by Firdaus Hatta


Hamster Escape is a tactical chasing dice game for ages 3 and up. It is an adventurous expedition to the ultimate cake-off party. This board game revolves around hamsters and their lifelong goals of attaining cakes to party and avoid getting snatched by the angry owl.

Postknight by Kurechii


Deliver packages across harrowing territories as the Postknight! This cartoon adventure game puts you in control of a pink-haired hero. Armed with an upgradable sword, you will encounter many dangerous beings during each journey. Postknight was the runner up winner of the Indie Pitch Arena at Mobile Game Asia.

Sara Is Missing by Monsoon Labs


Sara is Missing (SIM) is all about the horrors of mobile technology and touches upon the voyeuristic pleasure that one gets from prying through another person’s personal items. We store so much information about ourselves on our mobile devices that deducing what we really are like in real life becomes as simple as tapping on a screen.

Skyline Hero by Aeonsparx Interactive

Embark on your journey to Skyline Hero where you are guiding our hero to survive in the dragon slayer inspired tale. Every path and decision you make will directly affect the story and outcome of every conflict in the dungeons.

Super SteamPuff by Weyrdworks Studio

A fast action shooting mobile game that pits you against all sorts of cat vomiting, spaghetti monster space enemies to battle for total galactic domination! Super Steampuff was the winner of the Indie Pitch Arena at Mobile Game Asia. As well as one of our Top Mano A Mano Games at Casual Connect Asia. Read our full review here.

Taijitu2 by Squrce Studio

This puzzle was inspired by the Chinese culture of the Yin and Yang. Taijitu 2 is a puzzle game about balance and harmony based on art, geometry and transitions.

Tap Summoner by OY Games

Tap Summoner is a mobile RPG Tower Offense action card battle game for Android & IOS users. A real-time fast paced tapping combat! Tap Summoner is the winner of the Audience Choice Awards at Casual Connect Asia 2016.

Tiny Guardians by Kurechii

Tiny Guardians is the classic tower defense game with an adorable twist. In this RPG adventure, the ‘tower’ itself is the game’s heroine Lunalie, who in her fantasy adventure quest has to engage in many enemies along the road. To protect herself she summons various guardian units that protect her along the way. Read our full review here.

URI: The Sprout of Lotus Creek by DreamTree Games


In the game, you follow Uri, a young prince who has always lived behind the walls of his palace. One day, he sets out to venture beyond the walls of the palace to embark on a journey of adventure and discovery.  During the game, you aid Uri in his quest by overcoming the obstacles blocking his way. Read our full review here.

There we have it! Congratulations once again to all the Malaysian Indie Game Developers. Vote for your favourite at the People’s Choice Awards here: http://sea.imgawards.com/winners-nominees/1st-imga-southeastasia/!