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Happy Pokéween! With Pokémon Go’s Halloween Update

Pokémon Go is launching their Halloween event from October 26th to November 1st

Pokéween is turning your city into Lavender Town. This week you may start noticing an increase in spooky apparitions. This includes ghosts like Gastly, Gengar, Haunter, Drowzee, Hypno and of course Zubat and Golbat. Because I definitely haven’t gotten tired of seeing those guys around.

What’s Halloween without a little candy. Pokémon Go’s seasonal event is rewarding all their trainers with a mass load of candy! Having a Buddy ‘mon active will net you four times the usual rewards, catching monsters will give you six candies, and transfers will be worth two candies. It’s a bonanza.

Check out all the details in their trailer below.