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Ready Your Engines And GameStart Asia!

Gaming convention GameStart Asia is back for its third year in sunny Singapore

GameStart 2016 promises to bring in a lot of new content this year. Expect three days of gaming, showcases, previews, international guests, cosplay, eSports tournaments, and all that other gaming jizz. Gamers and developers from all over the world are expected to flock at the Suntec Convention Center from October 7 to 10, 2016.

Here are some of the things we can expect from the gaming convention:

Game exhibits and celebrities


Every year, visitors of GameStart can expect to be able to try on all kinds of games. Retro, indie, Triple-A, and even card games. Demos of yet-to-be-released games will also highlight the gaming convention.

You may check out the full lineup of games here.

Microsoft will also be making its first appearance at GameStart 2016, showcasing upcoming Xbox One titles. Including Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3 and Final Fantasy XV.


Fans of Japanese game Touken Ranbu, will get to meet Yuta Hanazawa from DMM Games. As well as watch a special music performance Az Samad. A Malaysian guitarist who has performed with Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy.

GameStart 2016 is bringing in two renowned cosplayers, Miu from Vietnam and Okageo from the US. Who will also be judging at the GameStart Cosplay Runway.


eSports showcase


eSports will be taking center stage in this year’s GameStart. As Sony Interactive Entertainment returns as a major exhibitor. Presenting the largest console tournament in Asia, the Southeast Asia Major 2016. This is the first time the tournament will be hosted at GameStart. Sony is said to be focusing on supporting the growth of eSports in the region.

Celebrity Street Fighter players such as Daigo “The Beast” Umehara. As well as Singaporean’s own Street Fighter prodigy, Ho Kun Xian. Are expected to compete at the majors which is a qualifier for the official Capcom Cup 2016. Which has a sweet USD $500,000 prize pool.


There will also be tournaments for Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-, BlazBlue Central Fiction and the highly anticipated King of Fighters XIVThe Philippine’s own professional fighting game team, PlayBook Elite, will be competing at the majors.

GameStart’s annual FIFA tournament, the Gamestart Championship Cup, is also making a comeback.

Doujin Market and the Founders Base


GameStart will also be putting the spotlight on indie game developers from Singapore and the region by putting up the ‘Founders Base’ where indie game developers and startups will be setting up booths to showcase their work to visitors.

A number of indie studios from Taiwan will also be exhibiting at Founders Base under the Taipei Game Show umbrella. The GameStart Indie Awards will also let visitors vote for their favorite indie game at the convention and the winner will win a trip to exhibit at the Taipei Game Show next year.


Doujin is the largest amateur artist event in Singapore that focuses on Japanese content. They’ll be bringing 24 amateur artists to GameStart, curated by Cosplay Partner and Doujin Market organiser, Neo Tokyo Project.

Freebies, exclusive offers and trade-ins

The first 300 visitors will receive a random loot bag. Which may contain t-shirts, gaming peripherals, storage devices, and more.

There will also be fun challenges. For instance, visitors can be sent on quests around the venue. Completing quests will get you lucky dips. Which will increase your chances to win at the daily raffle draw for prizes. This includes an awesome ergonomic gaming chair by Secret Lab and a gaming notebook from MSI.


At the Gadget Solution booth, visitors may also trade in their old laptops, consoles, games, and mobile devices for vouchers which can be spent anywhere in the venue.