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Final Fantasy XV Spells A Dark ‘Omen’ For Noctis

Final Fantasy XV releases the latest movie trailer ‘Omen’ at Paris Games Week

‘Omen’ launches us into a gorgeous surreal dreamscape. It’s a pretty gripping video but it’s raised a few questions. The ‘Omen’ is actually an omen for King Regis of what may happen to the world and his lineage. “How many must die before you are satisfied?” a voice asks him.


A rapidly shifting world, enemies that appear endlessly, gradual loss of abilities… and a madness that brings harm to the beloved fiancée.

In true Final Fantasy fashion, the conceptual CG trailer for Final Fantasy XV features a shifting reality, which teases events to come. It centres on the theme of Noctis searching for Luna. With the fluffy white dog as a beacon of hope and protection. But the fates shift and in the end, Noctis is the one that kills her.


‘Omen’ is less focused on giving us plot details than feeding us tantalising snippets of the plot than on giving us the game’s feel. Modern, grim, supernatural, epic stakes, a prince with a destiny falling through time, mystically linked to a woman whom he saves or damns.


The trailer was produced in collaboration with Square Enix and Digic Pictures, the team behind Kingsglaive.